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Very Cool Name Initial Signature Monogram Name Pendants

So, So Cool!

No doubt, you’ve seen tons of name plate pendants; pendants with your actual name written out in gold, silver, steel, or whatever metal or material.

But you’ve never seen some of the cool necklaces like I’m about to show you now.

Very neat, unique designs, styles, layouts, things that turn an ordinary name into something creative, artsy, and fun.

One-of-a-kind pieces.

And there are tons of ways to say a name, a phrase, or a word. Usually it’s cut-out letters, but sometimes it’s just an initial, a monogram (all 3 initials), couples (like R&T), dates (anniversary, birthday, wedding, date you met), or even coordinates (navigational map directions pinpointing an exact location).

Custom pendants can be anything you choose…

A mother’s pendant, family charms, kids, grandkids, pets… Carved, inscribed, engraved… It really is endless what you can do with a name.

So I’m here to give you enlighten you.

Give you ideas… Get the brain juices flowing.

But first, let’s look at some of the ordinary, basic, normal name pendants to kick things off… To warm you up a bit.

Classic Name Pendants

Classic Traditional Name Pendants

Pendants like this can come in all sorts of fonts. The thing to remember is that it should be readable. Some get so fancy that you have no idea what it says (but that could be by design). There are also multiple ways to attach the name to the chain; via hooks, jump rings, in the chain itself, a bail or rabbit ears… Some names are block letters, some cursive, some even old English, diamond cut… But all still very cool.

Fancier Font Name Pendants

Different Script Thin Font Fun Name Plate Pendants

Now we see thinner fonts, crazy fonts (which I really like), unique lettering, hearts, even wire work… Fun stuff that you don’t see often, but really grabs your eye.

Initials – Monogram – Dog Tags

Letter Initial Monogram Name Pendants

I love all the different types of metals (the rose gold is beautiful and modern). Initials; the letters tipped on the side are way cool… Some set with stones, some dangly, some cast… Just lovely items that truly make some personal keepsake pieces and great hand-me-downs.

Different Materials, Gemstones, Rocks, Guitar Picks

Very Unique Name Necklaces

Now you really start to see some unusual things; wax stamps, branches, hearts, etched in stone or rock. All fun, all clever,all colorful and custom (I adore that branch pendant with the dangle initial leaves) A brick wall? Now that’s a trip. And those feet are ticklish indeed.

Very Unique Custom Name Pendants

Fun And Different Name Pendant Necklaces

All of these are awesome. Talk about different. A jersey with your son’s name and sport number… Fun dog tags, infinity pendants with kids, parents, family, multiple names, surnames… Heartbeat with a name… Mama elephants (and you can get birds, bears, any animal you choose), laser inscribed photos/pictures of your two with your own personal message… Incredible (See everything this shop has to offer HERE!)

Bar or Vertical Pendants

Bar Verticle Name Pendants

Beautiful… Classy, clean, elegant, that’s what these styles are. Plates with fingerprints (your own), dates, Egyptian Cartouche… Birthstones… Navigation waypoints (maybe to your favorite memory or meeting spot)… It’s amazing what you can make.

Religious and Cross Name Pendants

Custom Cross Religious Name Pendant Necklaces

Beautiful. Meaningful. Gorgeous… Religious pendants, crosses of all shapes, orientation, sizes… just tremendous to witness and behold. Crosses with monograms: SUPERB! (See ALL the Cross Name Pendants HERE at Etsy!)

Diamond Name Plate Pendants

Diamond Name Pendants

Bling-Bling, let your name sparkle with stones. Beautiful styles, fonts, script, initials… All set with diamonds, cz’s, white topaz, or any other gemstone you desire. (P.S. That monogram key is insane and different… I JUST LOVE IT!)

Lockets, Love Letters, Secret Messages

Personalized Engraved Lockets

Lockets, things that open up with pictures, engravings, names, dates, secret messages, have been around forever. And for good reason, they’re heart touching, romantic, quite personal… My favorite are always heart shaped lockets (and this one even has birthstones), but they make all kinds as you can see. And those custom love letter locket pendants are to DIE FOR! So amazing!

Your Own Signature Pendants

Very Cool Custom Name Pendant Using Your Own Signature

Now we get into some of the coolest, slickest pendants ever. Your own autograph, your signature, your real handwriting, carved out, cut out of metal and suspended from a chain…. STUNNING! I love how they look, so neat, so fancy, so YOU! They’ll make you tilt your head and read. Get these custom signature pendants HERE! You’ll just love it.

And lastly…

Your Name on a Rice Pendant

Name Written On Rice Pendants

Say What?

Told you it would drop your jaw… Your name, date, year, written on a grain of rice: WOW! And you can get pendants, bracelets, keychains… talk about impressive, highly detailed, unique. See ALL the written on rice jewelry HERE!

Now those are COOL!

So there you go. Make your own personal name pendant. Head on over to Etsy NOW, the home of handmade jewelry, and get your name designed TODAY!

Cheers! :)

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