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Design Your Own Custom Photo Image Wrist Watches

This is always a fun and sentimental gift.

Wrist watches that you customize!

Using your own photos or images, you can change the face of a watch.

The styles of watches are endless. With different sizes, faces, markers, dots, dashes, Roman numerals, colors, bands, even wood!

Take a peek:

Custom Photo Image Wrist Watches

All you do is order the watch you like (ones that say you can use a custom photo), buy it, email them the photo (person, scenery, couples, pets, kids, logos, design, art…)

And they’ll fit it to the watch face as best as possible.

Keep in mind, you’ll have to be picky and conscious about which photos will look better as a circle (if that’s the shape of the face). And the fact that dots or dashes and hands (center of the watch) will cover up some of the photo. It’s not as easy as you think…

Some photos work beautifully and are ideal to use… Others, not so good.

Here are a few pro tips:

  • Use a high-res photo (you don’t want it stretched or pixelated).
  • Don’t put the center of the watch over a crucial element of the photo
  • Don’t use an image that’s so busy it’s hard to tell the time
  • Don’t use copyright images
  • Upload your own images, drawings, or artwork (kid’s art is cool)

Just like these examples here:

Custom Photo Watch Examples

Spend time picking out the proper image. Don’t make silly mistakes, like the photos shown below:

Custom Photo Watch Bad Examples

Where to buy them:

Watches like these are wonderful for anniversaries (you can buy matching couple’s watches), birthdays, new born baby, graduation, holidays, or any day (you don’t really need a special occasion).

So find your perfect style, the perfect photo (and if they let you preview the watch beforehand, all the better), and design a watch exclusively for you.

Cheers! :)

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