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Jewelry Diamond Channel Set Mounting Nightmares

Everyone Loves Channel-Set Diamonds!

If you don’t know, Channel Set Diamonds are Diamonds that are Set Down into the Mounting by Channeled Walls. (See Pictures)

The Diamonds in Channel Settings are Set almost Flush and in a Straight Line so you don’t have to Worry about Prongs or Beads getting Caught on things like Hair and Clothes.

No Snagging!

Nurses Buy Channel Set Anniversary Bands (see image left) all the time because they don’t have to Worry about Wicked Prongs that Catch Patients!

And what’s so Cool about these Types of Bands is the Fact that you can Wear these Rings by themselves.

It’s Awesome!

Channel Setting won’t Ruin your Clothes or Rip your Panty Hose!

Women Love everything about Channel Set Diamonds… Channel Settings are one of the Cleanest, Classiest ways to set Diamonds. Not to Mention the Safest! Diamonds that are Set into the Mounting are Very Protected. It’s Tough to Knock one of those Diamonds out of the Mounting.

But still, Channel Set Diamonds can be a Big Headache and a Huge Nightmare. Here’s why…

Less Sparkle!

Diamonds that are set low in the Mounting get Less Light to them. Less Light means Less Sparkle. Less Sparkle means Darker Diamonds.

And Channel Set walls make it Tough to Clean the Diamonds as well. Dirt and Crud gets Trapped Underneath the Diamonds and often it’s an Impossible Feat to get them Clean again. Jewelers sometimes leave Rings set in Ultrasonic Cleaners for Hours just to Clean them again. But Dirty, Dark, Diamonds are hardly a Nightmare.

So what is the Real Nightmare?


They’re Not Easy to Size!

Rings with Channel Walls in them are Not Easy to Size. You simply can’t Bend a Channel without Loosening the Diamonds or making them Pop out of the Mounting. Jewelers always have to Double Check the Channels after Working on a Ring because They Always Need Tightening. So Word to the Wise, make sure if you have your Ring Sized or Repaired that you Check the Stones to make sure they’re Tight! Sometimes it’s better to Special Order the Ring in the Correct Size to begin with (Custom Order it from the Manufacturer versus getting a Ring that doesn’t Fit Sized). You may Avoid all Problems doing it this way.


If you Find that your Stones are Loose… Good Luck! The only way to Fix Loose Diamonds and Gems in a Channel is to Push Part of the Channel Wall over the Stones to Hold them in. So much for a Straight looking Channel! See the photo below.

Bad Channel Set Diamonds in Rings

And it’s a Good thing to Check the Channels BEFORE you even Buy a Ring!!!

For if you see Jagged Edges, Rough Walls, Chunks of the Channel Pushed on Top of the Diamonds, Uneven Spacing between the Diamonds, or Overlapping Stones, STAY AWAY! Channels like these could mean that the Ring is Refurbished or even a Return! Overlapping Diamonds usually mean the Diamonds are too Big for the Channel or Set Wrong and could be Crushed!

Buyer Beware!

So the next time you’re thinking about Buying a Diamond Ring with Channel Set Stones, do yourself a Favor:

Take a Closer Look, view them with a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe.

Look at the Channels and Stones set in them.

Make sure they look okay!

You’ll be so Happy you did!

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