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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Too much Diamond Information Overload

Diamond Info OVERLOAD

There really is a Point in Time when you can be Completely Overloaded with Diamond Information!

It’s called Brain Clutter and it happens to Thousands of People!

You can only take in so much before you become Anxious, Confused, Indecisive, and Extremely Overwhelmed with Diamonds, Rings, Mountings and Metals.

In the end, you Won’t Know What to Buy, Where to Buy it, or Who to Turn to.

You have Diamond Overload!

I can almost see the Steam coming out of your Ears! :)

Some people really are like this. They will Scrutinize Every Dot, Every Line, Every Detail and Aspect of a Diamond. Everything!

They’ll Compare Crown Heights & Girdle Thickness, Pavilion Depths and Millimeter Sizes. They’ll Weight the Differences between SI1, F to a VS2 G. A VVS2, H to a Flawless Diamond with I Color. An SI1 with a D in Color to a…

They’ll Compare Inclusions Side by Side. They’ll Read Everything they can about Diamonds and Facts and Figures. They’ll compare Additional Grading Information and Comments and Culets. They’ll Match up Dimensions, Percentages, Fluorescence, Polish, Finish and Ideal Ratios.

Too much Diamond Information!

And the List goes on and on…

These people are on a Mission to Locate the Perfect Stone for the Perfect Price.


You could Spend Years doing that. Trust me, there is no one Stone that will be Entirely Perfect for you. There will always be one Quality that isn’t exactly up to Par

That’s just the Nature of Diamonds. They Aren’t Perfect. Just like People!

It will only Lead to a Futile Search and Sadness. Many, many times you’ll have to Start over because the Diamond that you Ultimately Like and Want gets Sold in the Meantime. Sigh!

It happens all the time!

Diamonds don’t Wait for you to make up your Mind. They’ll Gladly go home with someone who is Less Indecisive, someone who sees how Beautiful the Diamond really is and Snatches it up.

You’re back at Square One

But… If you Recall, that Diamond was 1/10th of a mm Larger in Diameter anyway. Plus, it had a Small Natural on the Girdle, which also Varied Slightly between Very Thin to Medium…

See what I mean?

It’s never ending!!!

There are Hundreds of Different Possibilities to Consider. You could Compare Every Single Stone in your City and still be Unsure of what’s Best. It could Drive you Insane!

So what do I Recommend?

Don’t be so Hard on yourself! Loosen up a Bit. Take a Step Back and a Couple of Deep Breaths.

Learn to look at What Truly Matters in Diamonds and leave everything else up to the Experts.

And by Experts, I don’t mean the Clerks in the Jewelry Store, oh NO! I’m saying let GIA or AGS Guide you and Show you the way.

Buy a Diamond that’s Graded and Appraised Highly by GIA or AGS and you’ll end up getting a Really Decent Diamond!

Take these Excellent Buying Tips to Heart

  • Buy a Diamond that’s SI1 or Higher in Clarity (I really Prefer VS1 or VS2 like These Diamonds HERE!)
  • Buy a Diamond that’s G-H or Higher in Color (I LOVE E-F Colored Diamonds)
  • Buy a Diamond that’s Graded Excellent or Very Good in Cut (Excellent, Excellent, Did I say Excellent?)
  • Buy a Diamond that also has an Excellent or Very Good in both Polish & Symmetry! (cough, cough, Excellent!)
  • Buy a Diamond that has NO (none) Fluorescence!

The MOST Important Diamond Information

And That’s That!

Seriously, if you Follow those Simple Guidelines, you WILL get yourself an Excellent Diamond that will Knock her Socks off!

A Diamond that will be Full of Life, Sparkle, Brilliance, Fire and Beauty!

And you won’t have to Beat yourself up in the Long Run.

Keep it to a Minimum

Leave Cut and all the Intricate Details up to GIA or AGS. They know what they’re doing. They’ll Steer you in the Right Direction!

Don’t Clutter your Brain with Useless Facts and Figures.

Keep it Simple

Keep it Real.

And Enjoy your Shopping Experience!

Cheers! :)

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