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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Diamonds All Look The Same

You Know What’s Funny?

There are Endless Combinations of Different Diamond Qualities on the Market.

Like Different Cuts, Colors, Clarities and Carat Weights, as in VVS1, E, I3, D, SI2, I, VS2, K

Not to Mention other Combos like Fluorescence and Diamond Shapes.

But all in all, there is one Detail that a lot of Customers will Notice when they’re Shopping for Engagement Rings

All Diamonds Look the Same!

It’s True! Pretty much Most Diamonds DO Appear Similar.

Take a Look at this VS H Diamond compared to an SI G Diamond below to see what I mean…

Compare VS H To SI G Diamonds!

See a Big Difference?

Probably Not! Even though there is a Price Difference of a Thousand Dollars!

To an Untrained Eye, especially at a Quick Glance, yes, Diamonds really do look the same.

Any Diamond you Pick up with be Similar to the Next one you Pick up.

Why is this?

Because it gets Very Difficult to tell the Difference in Minute Changes in Quality with the Untrained Eye (Without a Microscope or a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe).

For Example…

Diamond Clarity

When you’re talking about Clarity, any Diamond SI1 or Higher (SI1, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, IF, FL) Will Look Identical!

You won’t see any Inclusions or Flaws with the Naked Eye. An SI1 Diamond will Appear just like a Flawless Stone (again, only with the Naked Eye, not looking at the Stone under 10x Magnification).

Under a Scope, sure, you’ll be able to Tell the Difference. But Side by Side, NOPE!

They’ll look the Same

SI2 Diamonds might also look the Same Way. Some SI2 Diamonds Face Up Well and don’t show any Obvious Flaws. They could look just as well. Take a look at the Example below…

Compare this SI2 Clarity Diamond to a VVS1 Diamond…

Compare VVS1 To SI2 Clarity Diamonds!

And those Stones ARE even Magnified and they Still Look the Same!

So unless you’re talking about a Diamond that’s Very Heavily Included, like with Visible Cracks, Fractures, Cloudy Areas or Big Black Spots, you won’t see “Clarity” differences.

Diamond Color

The same is True for Diamond Color.

Subtle Diamond Color Changes are Very Difficult to Detect. Especially once the Stones have been set in a Mounting. This is because Most Every Diamond you see on the Market is either Colorless or Near Colorless in Hue. Which is Pure White and Off White.

Slight Traces of Yellow Tint most Stones and are almost Impossible to see…

Compare E Color to I Color below…

Compare E Color To I Color Diamonds!

It’s like Comparing Skin Tones. Not only are there an Infinite Amount of Skin Tones, but even your own Skin Changes Colors and Hues on Different Parts of your Body. It’s not Consistent.

Everything Born and made in Nature will Vary in Colors and Hues at Different Angles and Lighting Atmospheres.

Nothing is Perfect and Everything is Questionable and Opinionated.

Slight Shifts in Color Affect Diamonds and being able to Spot one Near Colorless Diamond against another Near Colorless Diamond will be Hard to Distinguish.

See the Color Chart below…

Slight Changes in Diamond Color!

Usually you’ll need a Couple of Steps in between Stones to see the Difference in Color. And even then, you really have to Look Hard.

Diamond Carat Weight

Carat Weights are Hard to See as well.

Think you can tell the Difference between a .94 Carat Diamond and a 1.01 Carat?

Think Again!

With 7 Points Difference, it’s Not Big Enough for the Eye to Detect…

Carat Weights Appear the Same Size!

They Look The Same!

But they don’t Cost the Same.

They are Hundreds of Dollars Different!

Crazy Eh?

Throw 97 Pennies on the Floor. Ask Someone if there are 97 Pennies or 100 Pennies. They won’t be able to tell. It’s too Close to Judge!

And… if the Cut of one Diamond is a Little Wider, which can make the Diamond Appear Bigger, then the Smaller Stone could not only look the Same Size as a Bigger Stone, but it could even Appear Bigger as well.

The Cut can Fool you!

Diamond Cut

Cut is almost an Impossible thing for People to Grasp, let alone Understand and Compare.

There are So Many Variables…

Percentages, Angles, Widths, Depths… How can anyone tell them Apart?

Look at all the Different Characteristics of a GIA Diamond Profile that Affects the Cut of a stone.

GIA Diamond Report Diamond Profile!

Generally it’s Best to leave all the Technical Facts and Figures to the Experts… Like GIA! Let GIA Certify and Grade your Stone!

Because Explaining to someone that “This Diamond is Deeper and Loses Light out of the Bottom of the Pavilion” just about makes their Eyes Glaze Over.

They Don’t Really See It

Most people won’t see any Difference in Diamonds and Most People Buy Diamonds Solely upon PRICE!

As in this Ultra Cheap 1.00 Carat Diamond Below… It’s only $2,840!

Very Cheap One Carat Diamond!

And Why Not?

If They Don’t See a Thousand Dollars Difference, then Why Spend a Thousand Dollars More?

I Really can’t Blame them.

I can tell the Difference in Diamonds because I’ve Worked with them for over 24 Years. But for the Average Joe, Diamonds are Diamonds and “What’s the Best Deal?

I do try to Steer People into Better Quality Stones. At least the Bare Minimum to a Good Quality Diamond. But it really is up to their Eyes and if they can Justify Spending the Extra Money or Not.

My Recommendation:

I tell people to always watch out for “CUT” the Most. Buy yourself a Cut Grade of at least “Very Good” or “Excellent“. That way your Diamond will Sparkle Regardless of the Clarity or Color.

I also Suggest Sticking with a Clarity Grade of SI1 or Higher, just so you don’t have any Visible Flaws and Inclusions in the Stone.

You Don’t Want your Pretty Little Fiancee to Notice Huge Carbon Spots for the Rest of her Life…

Compare SI1 Clarity to I1 Clarity Diamonds!

I See Black Spots!

Stick with SI1 or Higher and she’ll Never See Flaws… at Least in her Diamond. ;)

And while it’s Hard to Tell Color Apart, I Truly Believe that this is because you aren’t Comparing Near Colorless to Colorless Stones.

If you Compare an H Color up against an E Color Diamond, You Should See Some Difference in how White and how Bright the Stone Appears.

The E Color will “POP” and Look Ultra Bright!

Compare E Color To H Color Diamonds!

Compare For Yourself!

Test This Out!

(It’s Very Hard to Show this in images, you need to See it to Believe it!)

Go to a Jewelry Store and Ask to see two Diamonds Side by Side. Compare an E Color to an H Color (of the same Cut, Carat Weight and Clarity).

When I show Customers these two Stones next to each other, they CAN see a Difference.

Usually the Customers will “GASP“! It’s that Apparent!

Most Diamonds Are Similar…

Most Diamonds Do look Alike. Until you Start Viewing Enough of them and Comparing High Quality Stones against Low Quality Stones. That’s when you’ll really see the Changes.

It will OPEN your Eyes!

Compare a High Quality Diamond with a Low Quality Diamond Below…

High Quality Diamond Versus Low Quality Diamond!

Now they don’t look so much Alike, do they?

High Quality Stones, like VS1, E, with an Excellent Cut, are my Favorite Kind of Diamond (Like these Awesome Diamonds HERE!)

That Quality will Pretty Much Out-Shine and Out-Sparkle any Diamond out there!

Excellent VS1 E Loose Certified Diamond!

That Diamond Dances in the Light. It will Bring a Smile to her Face and a Twinkle to her Eye.

Diamonds will look Similar at First, but when you put them side by side, the True Winners Stand Out.

It’s something you Really Can Spot! :)


All Diamonds shown in this Post come from James Allen, one of the Biggest and Best Diamond Dealers on the Net! :)

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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