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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Diamonds Look Better in the Jewelry Store

Why is it that diamonds always look better in the jewelry store than they do on your finger?

Do jewelry stores have some magical bright light bulbs that makes the diamonds sparkle more than normal?

Why is it diamonds never ever shine like that once you buy them?

You leave the jewelry store and it’s like you leave the sparkle behind. It’s not fair is it? Why is this?

“Bright-light, bright-light…”

Well, the truth is, you’re correct.

Jewelers do have some very bright light bulbs (and actually, if you’ve ever been to Sams Warehouse or Costco, they have ultra-ultra bright lights).

Halogen bulbs create beautiful, strong spots of light that really enhance jewelry to the max and cause them to sparkle with life and fire.

Not only do jewelers have bright flood lights that point down at their lovely merchandise, but they also have the overhead fluorescent bulbs that create wonderful ambient light.

In fact, many jewelers have special fluorescent bulbs that are called “daylight bulbs” or “natural sunlight” bulbs that give off unbelievable rays of light that act more like “real light” and not “artificial warm light”. Sneaky eh?

Plus, jewelers also have magnificent lights inside the jewelry cases that illuminate the jewelry and diamonds and makes them sparkle like a million bucks.

Why so much light?

Is it necessary?

Well sure it is!

Jewelers know that the beauty of jewelry depends on a couple of things: the amount of light that reflects off its lustrous, metallic metals, and the beautiful light that’s absorbed and reflected back inside and outside of the gemstones and diamonds.

Light seems to brighten up these stones and really makes them come to life.

In fact, without bright light, no one would even care about gemstones at all.

Without light gems would be lifeless, dull and dark.

And that goes for diamonds too.

Especially diamonds…

Because diamonds have a special and natural ability to work the light unlike any other gemstone on the face of the earth. Diamonds are cut in such a way, that they maximize brilliance and fire. The angles, proportions, facets, girdle and pavilion are only there for one reason, and one reason only… to enhance the way a diamond reacts with light.

The more light there is, the more that diamond will sparkle and shine.

Forever and ever:

That’s the great thing about diamonds, they will always, forever and ever, have that same reaction with light (unless you break the stone – read: chipped and broken diamonds).

What that means, is that anytime, anywhere, at any period in your life, your diamond can have that same great sparkle and beauty that it had the day you bought it.

All it takes is a little TLC. Which is a good cleaning and a lot of light.

But do you need to carry around a halogen bulb to get that same impact? No! You have something even better…

Something that’s free…

The sun!

You see, nothing on earth creates light better then the power of the sun.

The life-giving source of the sun will make any diamond dance and sing “You, You light up my life…

Try it, you’ll see.

If your diamond is perfectly clean, take it outside on a bright sunny day.

Your diamond will look better than it did that very first day you laid eyes on it. It’ll knock your socks off.

It’s no grand mystery; diamonds love light.

So keep it clean, and your diamond will S P A R K L E!

It really is that easy.

A little TLC will certainly light up your life, and your diamond.

See all the jewelry and diamond cleaners HERE at Amazon!

Cheers! :)

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