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Do Diamonds Last Forever?

Diamonds Last Forever

You’ve all heard the Old Saying “Diamonds Last Forever” and “Diamonds Are Forever“.

But is this true?

Can Diamonds Last FOREVER?

The Answer is YES, and NO!

That is, as long as Man doesn’t get Involved!

You see, all the Diamonds in the Jewelry Stores Today were Created Billions of years ago.

So for a Diamond to Last for a Billion Years, that Pretty Much says “YES, Diamonds DO Last Forever!

After all, Diamonds are the Hardest Known Substance made in Nature (a 10 on the Moh’s Scale). It’s No Wonder that they Endure and are the Perfect Choice for an Engagement Ring… They would have gone on and on for another Billion years, if we would just leave them alone. :)

Mining and Cutting Diamonds

The First Thing that Man does with Diamonds is to Dig them outta the Earth. They move Tons and Tons of Core just to Uncover those Precious Little Gems.

Once Extracted from the Ground, they then Cut them up into Smaller Chunks so they can be Fashioned with a Cutting Style and turned into Glistening Faceted Stones.

This Cutting Process is Designed to Maximize the Rough Rock and to make as much Profit as they can from it.

But no matter what, Bits, Pieces, Parts and Dust ends up getting Lost and Destroyed!

Hence, the Damage has already Begun!

Time’s a Ticking…

Once Man gets Involved, the Diamond’s Days are Numbered. Cutters Cut the Stones to Maximize Money and often the Actual Cut of the Stone is Sacrificed. Many Diamonds end up Shallow or Spread. Not only does this make the Diamond Lose Light, but it also makes the Thin Edges of the Stone more Vulnerable to Chips and Breaks!

The Girdle is the First to go!

If a Diamond is Hit Hard Enough it can Break the Stone. And Regardless of Cut, even a Well Cut Diamond can Break if you Hit it with just the Right Angle and the Right Amount of Force.

People Chip, Crack and Break Diamonds Daily just through Normal Wear and Tear… We do Wear them day in and day out Every Single Day! They go through a lot of Abuse.

Grandma has a Crack

Check out your Grandparent’s Diamonds and you’ll see what I mean. Often the Edges of the Stones will Show Signs of Wearing. The Edges will have Tiny Hairline Chips all around the outside (called a Bearded Girdle). The other thing that you’ll see are where the Facets come together. These Edges should be a Knife Edge, but instead you’ll see them Rounded off or even Fractured.

Many people just look down and all of a Sudden their Beautiful Diamond is Broke in Half! And, they don’t even Remember Hitting their Stone. It just happened, and it happens to the Best of us.

Even Jewelers can Accidentally Chip the Stone while Setting it. Many times the Culet (Bottom Point of the Diamond) will Break off. Other times they’ll be Tightening the Prongs or Mounting around the Stone and Hear that Faint but Audible “SNAP” as the Edge of the Stone gives way… Not a Cool Sound!

All it takes is one Good Whack, Bump or Ding and your Pretty Little Diamond is Toast!

So Are Diamonds Forever?

Diamonds have been around Forever, and Diamonds can look Brand New Forever (Keep it Clean and Don’t Crack it). It really is a Question as to how long it can Stay in that Condition. It could be for another Hundred Years, another Generation, or it could be just 2 Minutes down the Road… Stay away from that Filing Cabinet!

When Man is Involved, Nothing is Safe!

Will your Diamond Last Forever?

Only You and Time can tell!

Are you Rough on your Jewelry?

“Do you have a Very Physical Job?”

“Is your Diamond Protected well in the Mounting?”

Are you Constantly Bumping and Hitting your Ring?

“Have you had your Prongs Checked for Spacing, Lifting, Thinning, and Cracking?”

Is your Girdle Exposed Enough to Hit?

These are some Great Questions. If you like, take your Rings into a Jeweler and have them Check them out. Better Safe than Sorry!

Forever is Forever

Forever is a Really, Really, Long Time. Much longer than You or I.

But once Diamonds are in our Hands…

Forever could be Right around the Corner!

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