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Do Jewelry Cleaners Really Work?

True Story:

One day I was cleaning rings at the front of the store.

An Elderly Lady comes up to me and asks me to Clean her Rings.

A crowd of people are gathered around as I Clean.

She was Cute and Smiling and she says as loudly as she can:

This is what I need at home… A Vibrator!

It took everything I had to keep from Laughing.

Yes, Ultrasonic Cleaners do wonderful things… And they do sound like a Vibrator! :)

How Do Ultrasonic Cleaners Clean?

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners clean jewelry by Ultrasonic Sound Waves. The Sound Waves, or Vibrations, break apart the Dirt Particles that builds up around your Gemstones that make them look Dull and Dirty. They keep your rings looking brand new again.

So do you think you want an Ultrasonic Machine like this at home?

Are you thinking about buying a Cleaner?

Wondering if they actually work or not?

Well let me tell you:


But… there’s a catch to making them work well. It’s as plain as day though, but most people don’t see it. (More on that later…)

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners can be bought in just about any store. K-Mart, Target, Walmart, even most Jewelry Stores can order them for you.

You can also get some great deals on Amazon here: Jewelry Cleaners.

Size Mattes!

I would imagine that most Jewelry Cleaners will work about the same. The biggest difference is probably going to be size.

Most people (like me) are Fine with Small Cleaners (even though with small ones you can’t put your Eyeglasses in to clean them as well).

Jewelry Cleaner Prices?

Prices are probably going to range from $20.00 up to hundreds. Some have timers that can automatically shut it off after a period of time. Others have extra features like a built in Heater.

I would highly recommend a Heater!

Some have Cute Little Trays or Plastic Holders which works fine as well. These are great for Hanging your Rings in the Cleaner, which is the best way to Clean them!

Cleaning Solution?

As far as the Cleaning Solution goes, there’s no need to run out and Buy Jewelry cleaner. There’s something even better.

Use what the Jeweler’s use. It’s very simple. Here’s the Jewelry Cleaner Formula: Fill the cleaner with about 85% Water. Dump in some Mr. Clean or Ammonia. Add in a Little Squirt or two of Liquid Dish Soap.

There you have it, the Secret Jewelry Cleaning Formula!

But there’s still one more big secret to getting your Jewelry Clean!

So you have the Cleaner…

You have the Cleaning Solution. But why won’t it ever clean like the ones at the Jewelry Stores?

Here’s the Answer!

You didn’t let it HEAT up!


That’s the whole ticket to getting the Cleaners to work at home. The Cleaning Solution has to get HOT to get it to clean well.

Think about it…

Ever try doing Dishes in Cold Water? It wouldn’t get them very Clean now would it? But adding Hot Water does the Trick quickly!

You see, most people miss this big important step. It’s right in front of you too. If you put really Hot Water in the Cleaner, like Hot-Coffee-Hot, then the Cleaner’s ready to work. Heat the Water up in the Microwave. (NOT Boiling, just a minute…) Put it in the Cleaner. Add in the Ammonia and Dish Soap. Viola! Your rings will come out Crystal Sparkling Presto Clean.

Cleaning your rings in Cold Water just seems to make them even more Mucky, Gross and Dirty. But soaking them in a Hot Solution with the Sound Waves and Vibrations bouncing off the sides of the Cleaner, your Dirt and Debris will Dissolve right off your Jewelry in no time.

HEAT Works!

If it were me, I would buy a Sonic Cleaner with a Built in Heater. Those probably Cost a lot more (usually a hundred or more), but it’s worth it.

When you do Clean your Jewelry? I would leave your Jewelry in the Ultra Sonic Jewelry Cleaner for about 3-20 minutes (all depends on the Dirt and the Cleaner – Read the Instructions!). This is usually enough time to break away every day Grime.

Use a Soft Toothbrush and just Dab at it. Just be Careful and make sure to get underneath the Gemstones, Prongs and underneath the Ring. All the Oils, Hand Lotions, Soaps and what-not will come clean.

Clean them Once a Week!

Do this once a week and your Jewelry will always look brand new.

You can also take it in to a Jewelry Store a couple of times a year to have your gems inspected and the mounting checked.

A Good Polishing will keep the gold looking brand new also.

Just be careful about leaving softer Stones in the cleaner.

Usually the manual will tell you which stones to not leave in. Emeralds, Pearls and Opals are softer and Jewelry Cleaners can actually HARM them. I would Clean those by Hand!

Also any Heat Treated Stones can be affected. Always proceed with Caution!

So there you have it!

The Secret to Cleaning your Jewelry the Professional way!

Buy your Jewelry Cleaners from Amazon here! :)

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  1. Hi Richard, thank you so much for your very helpful post.
    Does all your advice apply to 18ct white gold as well? Is it safe to use the ammonia etc? Thank you!

  2. Gaylene Morrow // September 15, 2017 at 7:50 am // Reply

    I have read in several articles that ammonia isn’t good for your gold. It is suggested to only use it twice a year at most. Confused…..

    • Hi Gaylene. I’ve always used it, never had a problem. Every jeweler I’ve ever worked at has used it, too. For decades. The formula is diluted, of course, with water. The only thing that I know of that is really harmful to Gold, is bleach. -Richard

  3. How long can you keep your solution? I would like to able to reuse the solution for a while and not make a fresh batch every time.

    • Hi Terri. It depends on how dirty the solution is when you’re finished. If it still looks clean, you can reuse it again. But if it’s foggy or brown, then I would dump it and redo it. The biggest reason to dump it is because the water will be cold. Putting in fresh hot water really makes a huge difference in how how quick and how clean your jewelry gets. Plus, if it’s mostly just water, with a dash of Mr. Clean, it’s not that big of deal anyway. Hope this helps. -Richard

  4. Question: is this solution with hot water acceptable for silver coins (minted in the 1690s)? We have a pendant on a chain that needs to be brightened up. I worry about the age of the item.

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