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Do The Diamond 4C's Matter?

The Diamond 4C’s?

Is it necessary to follow the Guidelines laid out in the 4C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight) of Diamond Grading?

Must you really Learn the 4C’s in Order to Purchase a Great Looking Diamond?

It’s a Good Question:

Do the 4C’s Matter?

Are you Ready for this?


The 4C’s DO NOT Matter!

No you don’t need to Study them and Understand them in Order to Buy an Awesome Diamond with an Awesome Quality.

You could certainly Walk into any Jewelry Store Today, view a Couple of Diamonds and make a Simple Decision Based Solely upon Looks and Design (I see it Everyday). After all, Looks is what you’ll see for the Rest of your Life, and First Impressions Normally are Correct

So what’s the Big Deal Then?

The Things you Do Not Know!

There are a Couple of Things you won’t know if you Buy a Diamond Blindly like this:

1) You Won’t Know the True Quality of the Diamond.

2) You Won’t Know if you Paid Too Much for the Stone.

3) You Won’t Know if you’ve been Scammed or Lied to.

Scary, eh?

Those are 3 Big Issues that are Pretty Scary if you think about it.

Sure you may get a Great Looking Stone, BUT, you could also get a Crappy Low Quality Diamond as well.

Would Tou Know?

You would never know the Real Truth. The Store could tell you Anything or say Anything to you and you’d have No Choice but to Believe them.

Stupid Stupid Stupid

That’s Not a Good Way to Buy Diamonds!

Chances are Very Good you’ll Overpay

If you Don’t Shop and Compare Quality, you could Easily Pay Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars More for the Same Diamond Quality.

So while you could Shrug off the 4C’s, I urge you Not to.

Don’t be Lazy when it comes to Learning, especially when it comes to Spending 5 or 6 Grand. That’s a lot of Dough!

You could get Lucky

You really could get Lucky and find a Great Salesperson who will take the time to get you a Great Looking stone for a Wonderful Price. But Sadly, if they know you Don’t Care about Quality or aren’t Concerned with the 4C’s, they’ll Probably Sell you a Low Quality Stone with Poor Color, Poor Clarity, and a Bad Cut. People that Don’t Care about the 4C’s usually only have one thing on their Mind:


Crappy Stone = Low Price!


You got yourself a Winner!

All because the 4C’s didn’t really matter…

See how Lucky you can be?

Don’t be this Person

Read, Study, Learn the 4C’s Before you Shop and Compare Diamonds. You’ll be so Glad you did. And you’ll be Glad if it Helps you Save a Thousands Bucks.

Do the 4C’s Matter Now?

I Hope So!

P.S. Here’s a Quick Learning Guide, Read my Post: The 4C’s in 4 Minutes!

Cheers! :)

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