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Which Way Does The Pear Shaped Diamond Point Up Or Down?

Which way should a pear shaped diamond point?

Point up or down?

To point or not to point, that is always the question most people ask when buying a pear shaped, or tear drop shaped stone.

Is there a correct way to wear it?

Pear diamonds are always an odd cut of diamond. They’re a combination of a brilliant cut diamond (round shaped) and a marquise cut diamond (football shaped). Being rounded on one side and pointed at the other, you can see why some people call them tear dropped.

Jewelers usually refer to these as pear shaped though. But, whatever you call them, that point makes them unique and different and also brings up some problems.

Problems like what mounting to put it in for one thing.

You see, most mountings or settings are designed for symmetrical looking diamonds; rounds, marquise, princess cuts, ovals… All these diamond cuts are cuts of diamond that will look the same on your finger no matter which way they’re worn.

That way, if you, or a stranger looks at these types of stones on your finger, they’ll look the same. Symmetrical stones are easy to work with and easy to create great mountings for.

Pears, not so much.

(But then, neither are trillions, or trilliants, which are triangular cuts of diamond.)

Settings for these oddball stones have to be designed and created specifically for them to enhance their uneven shapes and curves and points. It’s not an easy task.

Now, while pear shaped diamonds can be worn point up (towards your body), and it may certainly be an individual preference as to how it’s worn… believe it or not:

There is a correct way to wear them.

And that is…

Point down.

The curved end of the pear should be facing your hand or body. The tip of the diamond should always be pointing down towards your fingertips. That’s the ideal look. It’s not only the proper way to wear this cut of diamond, but it’s also the best way.

When you’re showing your ring off and people take your fingers in theirs to get a closer inspection of your beautiful diamond engagement ring, it always looks better with the diamond tip pointing down.

With the point down it makes your diamond look elegant, sleek and stylish. It draws people’s eyes down your tapered fingers, and with the shape of the stone the gentle curve and slope looks magnificent and stunning.

Another indicator:

Look at any diamond wraps or jackets sold in stores today.

Diamond wraps and jackets are wedding rings that “wrap” around your diamond solitaire and are made to work with most diamonds regardless of size or shape.

(Special wraps are created for marquise shaped diamonds.)

But you will notice one thing very quickly…

Most diamond wraps or jackets have a curved edge that circles around one side of your diamond. Which means, you have to put the curved edge of your pear diamond into that curved diamond wrap edge to make them fit together properly.

Otherwise it leaves a weird gaping hole that’s just a visual eye-sore.

The point of your diamond should always point away from the wrap (or wedding ring) and away from you.

So if you’ve been pondering the point and which way it should “point“, then ponder no more…

Point it out and your rings will fit better, look better, and your pear shaped diamond will never look so good.

And that’s a point well taken.

See some incredible pear shaped diamonds HERE at James Allen.

Cheers! :)

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  1. What about a pear shaped diamond on a necklace. Point should go up at the top, according to my jeweler. What do you think?

  2. Charl Spencer // December 26, 2017 at 12:50 pm // Reply

    What about a kite shape stone? Which direction should the “tail” of the kite point?

  3. Meredith Hartman Stokes // January 26, 2018 at 8:47 pm // Reply

    So glad to have read this. I have my mother’s pear shaped diamond and I always thought the point was supposed to point to your heart. I want to wear it properly. Thank you.

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