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Don't Go Engagement Ring Shopping With Your Parents

Grown Men come into the Jewelry Store to Shop for their Diamond Engagement Ring, and what do they do?

They Bring their Parents!

Why do they Bring their Parents?

I Don’t Know!

Is there anything that Screams “Mama’s Boy” more than this?

Okay, maybe that’s harsh, but let me tell you…

Parents are the Worst People to Bring to the Jewelry Store.


“Because I said SO!”

Yes… They are Always Right! Always!

You can’t Dispute them. What they Say Goes!

Parents also have a Tendency to be Rude and Confrontational with Jewelry Salesman because they think they are looking out for their Son’s Best Interest. They don’t want him Getting Ripped Off or Spending too Much Money!

And the Best Way to do that is to Show the Jeweler who’s Boss!

Put their Foot Down!

It happens all the time!

Cheaper…” They say, “You’ll have to make it Cheaper!

Parents will Never let you Spend as much as you Wanted.

If you were thinking about Buying a $6,000 Diamond Ring, they’ll talk you into Spending $1,500 instead (for a Lower Quality, Lower Grade, Smaller Diamond. Why? Because your Mom Had to Wait 20 Years to get her “Big Rock” and so should you.

Plus, $1,500 is Plenty Enough to Spend on your Darling Fiancee, isn’t it? After all you don’t want to go into Debt do you? Plus your Bride-To-Be shouldn’t have a Diamond Bigger than your Mom’s, now should she?

“Get Her A Mounting Like Mine!”

After Helping Thousands of Grooms over the last 20 years, many of them have brought in their Know-It-All Parents. The Funny thing is… Parents never Pick out the Right Type of Ring.

It’s True! They Pick out Crazy, Gaudy Pieces that the Fiancee will HATE. The Fact is, Parents are Old School. Behind in the Times. They are out of Touch with Today’s Modern Jewelry and the Next Generation of Diamond Engagement Rings.

They just have No clue!

Old Fashioned Ways and Sticker-Shock is a sure way to make a Future Wife, an Unhappy Wife!

My Advice:

Leave the Parents at Home!

Do your Homework and Shop by yourself, or bring your Best Friend, or even Her Girlfriend.

You’ll be very Happy that you took the Time and picked out the Right Ring for the Love of your Life. Your Fiancee will be Thrilled that she got the Ring she’s always Dreamed about, and that the Groom Picked out the Perfect Ring (and not your Mother!)

Plus it’ll be an even more Rewarding Experience because you’ll be Well Rounded and Educated in Diamonds, the 4 C’s, and Diamond Certification!

Trust me, you’ll Love it!

Diamonds are Fascinating and Romantic!

Learning about them is a Great Experience. Having your Parents telling you what to Buy “Because I said so!” isn’t the way to go.

Leave them at Home and you’ll be able to Make your own Decisions and your own Purchases.

After all, it is YOUR Future!

And that’s Worth Every Penny!

P.S. And if you Shop Online, Check out James Allen… They have Great Diamonds at Great Prices! I Highly Recommend them!

Cheers! :)

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