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Dont Pay For Diamond Features You Cant See

If you can’t see it, don’t waste your money on it.

Put your hard earned greenbacks into something you can see. Unless you just have money to burn

Because when it comes to diamonds, somethings are quite noticeable, and others aren’t.

So let’s look at diamond characteristics that do and don’t make a visual difference (except in your pocketbook).

1) Diamond Clarity

Any diamond SI1 or higher, will look identical to the bare eye (no microscope or 10x jeweler’s loupe needed).

You could put an SI1 clarity diamond up against a flawless diamond and you’d never tell them apart (unless you magnified them, like below, and even then it’s still hard to see the differences.)

Compare SI1 Clarity To Flawless Diamond

This is why SI1 clarity is the best clarity to buy; it’s the most affordable clarity and it looks just like a more expensive diamond (worth double the price).

2) Diamond Carat Weight

Points are hard to see. Thow 95 pennies in a pile on the floor. Now throw 100 pennies in another pile. Can you see any visible difference? NO! Diamond points are the same way. We’re talking about a very small percentage and carat weight, impossible for the eyes to distinguish.

It’s called Buying Shy

If you purchase a diamond that’s under the mark, like .93, .94, .95 instead of a full carat; 1.00, you’ll save a lot of money. Compare the two diamonds below:

Compare Diamond Carat Weight Buy Shy 95-100

1.00, SI1, H, EX, EX, EX, NONE $5,050 VIEW
.93, SI1, H, EX, EX, EX, NONE $3,940 VIEW

Big difference in price, right? (Prices good at the time of this post).

So buy shy and save your money (put it into the mounting instead).

3) Diamond Certification

Now, this is a highly subjective topic, but you don’t need to buy a great quality of diamond that’s certified.

In fact, you can buy the exact same quality of stone without the fancy paperwork.

Because certification costs money.

It actually adds a couple of hundred dollars onto the price tag. And all that a certificate truly is; is someone else’s opinion about the grade (it’s not a guarantee).

This is why many retail stores skip certification and pre-mount their diamonds (solitaire engagement rings). They give you a full appraisal on the ring listing the color, clarity, carat weight… Along with a retail value for insurance purposes.

These diamonds can be the exact same, with or without the diamond report.

Compare Certified VS Non-Certified Diamonds

Now, I’m not really advising buying diamonds that aren’t certified, I’m just saying that you can, and you can save money… as long as you look at the stone and can verify the quality (comparing it with similar stones that are certified).

4) Diamond Color

Color is hard to see with the bare eye. Especially since most diamonds on the market are white-ish. But if you put diamonds side by side, you’ll probably notice the difference quickly.

If you set an E color diamond up against an H color diamond, you can see the yellowish tint in the H:

Compare Diamond Colors E VS H Color

But, if you didn’t see them side by side, you probably would never see the off tone.

This is why G-H colors are advised. They’ll look very similar to pure-white diamonds, but without the added cost.

5) Diamond Cut


Cut is vital to the beauty of a diamond. Cut gives the diamond sparkle. It allows light to enter, bounce around inside the stone, and return in a million flashes of brilliance and fire (white light and colored light).

This is why I recommend Ideal Cut diamonds (“Excellent” Grades).

Compare the cuts below:

Compare Diamond Cut Grades

And, if you truly want the BEST cut possible, then get yourself a True Hearts diamond.

True Hearts are the most perfect cut of diamond that exists. Literally. They are unbelievably beautiful, and exhibit dazzling light effects with stunning scintillation. In other words, they will blow you away (better get your sunglasses).

Nothing else compares.

So there you go, that’s how you spend your money on things you can see, versus things that eat up your savings.

Get these recommended diamonds below:

Cheers! :)

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James Allen

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Blue Nile

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