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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Cleaning Your Rings With Spit

It’s that time again. Time for the jewelry cleaning and inspection (Unless you own your own jewelry ultrasonic cleaner).

People come into the store to get their jewelry checked and cleaned all the time.

No problem.

I’m more than happy to clean it. After all, nothing’s better than clean, sparkling diamonds. Right?


This is what people do when they come into the store:

They take their rings off by licking their fingers.

They spit all around their rings so they’ll slip off easily with saliva. And, I’ve seen some people go so far as to actually stick their ENTIRE finger in their mouth to sop it up. The rings gets globby and wet, then the customer hands me the sloppy mess… on my palm… like I want to touch them.

So here’s a funny little secret between you and me…


Stop it! It’s disgusting! Don’t lick your fingers to get your rings off, then hand them to me. What are you thinking? You’re handing me your jewelry covered in thick saliva, pieces of lunch, and God knows what else.

It’s not polite. Not at all!

Plus the fact that the rings are already packed full of dirt, grime, build-up and whatever other horror your hands have been in (and now that grime is in your mouth). Then you set your lovely little saliva coated rings and jewelry into the palm of my hand


And one thing that’s even worse

Puss filled earrings!

You pull them out with a string of puss and white chunks of goo, and lay them on my skin as well…

All the time thinking…

“He won’t care that my earrings are full of muck!”

Think about it. What would you do if I brought you back your perfectly-cleaned-jewelry, and right before I put them in your hand, I licked them?

HA! You’d probably pull your hand back right? You’d be disgusted! It’s gross! But when it’s on the other foot, you don’t care. So please, please, please don’t lick your fingers!!! I don’t want to hold your spit.

Here’s my advice:

Use windex or lotion to get your rings off. Not spit!

Windex is awesome because it doesn’t leave any more greasy junk all over the jewelry. It’s such a simple thing, but think before you do it. And since you only clean your rings once a month (or year) anyway, I’m surprised you would even WANT to lick them.

Would you wear your underwear a month in a row without cleaning them?


So clean your jewelry once a week and it will keep the dirt and debris down.

And make sure you clean those EARRINGS too!

Clean them, clean them often, and your gems and diamonds will thank you!

(And so will I.)

Get your ultrasonic cleaner HERE!

Cheers! :P

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