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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Double Up Those Diamond Stud Earrings

Here’s a little something that you may NOT like:

(Although Jewelers and Salespeople LOVE it!)

When you’re Upgrading your Diamond Stud Earrings (Solitaire Earrings), you’ll probably need to Buy Bigger Diamonds than you Realized.

And that my Friends, can get Pretty Costly!

In Fact, you may even have to Double Up!

Double up, as in Double the Size of the Carat Weight.

  • Like 1/4 Carat up to 1/2 Carat.
  • 1/2 Carat up to 1.00 Carats…

Double Up Those Diamond Stud Earrings

And the Main Reason I say this is Because going from 1/4 Carat (25 Points), to 1/3 Carat (33 Points), gives you No Real Visual Difference in Size.

Compare MM Sizes of Diamond Carats Weights Below to see what I’m talking about…

Diamond MM Carat Weight Sizes


Usually going up to the Next Carat Weight Size, doesn’t Increase the MM Size of the Studs Enough to be Noticeable.

Plus… Keep in mind that the Diamond Weights Shown above are for Single Diamonds.

Diamond Studs are TWO Diamonds and SMALLER, so the Carat Weight is Broken in Half. 1/4 Carat Total Weight Studs would only be .12 Carats Each. That’s TINY!

It’s a Sad Reality!

You’ll have to Spend Hundreds MORE just to Upgrade your Diamonds Proper in Order for your Girlfriend’s to Notice.

And even if you Point them out to them (“Hey Look at my New Diamond Earrings!“), they’ll still think they look the Same.

Unless you Double Up!

What a Bummer!

To Effectively Upgrade, where people WILL see a Difference, you’ll have to Jump at least 2 Carat Weight Sizes Bigger.

Upgrade Like This:

  • .10 Carat –> .25 Carat
  • .25 Carat –> .50 Carat
  • .33 Carat –> .58 Carat
  • .50 Carat –> .80+ Carat

That way, the Size Difference is Obvious, and Well Worth the Money (Because if you can’t see a Difference, Why Spend the Difference?)

Check out these Nice Upgrades below, from .50 Carat Total Weight, to 1.25 Carat Total Weight

1.25 CTW Diamond Stud Earrings


If you want to Prove this Point, put your Diamond Studs up against the Next Nearest Carat Weight… They won’t be that much Bigger (Especially when they’re in your Ears).

It’s all because the Carat Weight is Divided into Two Stones. So if you’re just going up 8 Points More (.25 CT –> .33 CT), that’s only 4 Points Difference EACH!

It’s Not Nearly Enough for the Eyes to Detect

See for yourself…

Diamond Carat Weights Look Very Similar

(And these Diamonds Studs are Greatly Enlarged of course!)

People would NEVER Notice unless you Told them!

Worth it?

Probably NOT!

If you’re Thinking about Upgrading, Take my Advice:


(Which is Usually Double the Price as well!)

Now that’s an Upgrade Worth Seeing!

Buy your Bigger Diamond Studs at Amazon Here!

Cheers! :)

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