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Draw Much?

I tell you, one of the hardest things to draw, is jewelry!

I’m sure it’s because it’s 3D, curved, has many intricate layers, prongs, reflections, luster, and pizazz, but I do wish I could draw it better…

And for good reason…

Being able to draw jewelry can aid in so many ways

  • It’s gets your point across to the jeweler who fixes the jewelry
  • It helps a customer understand repairs
  • It portraits custom design work better
  • It’s Ideal for Wax Carvers, Designers, Craftsmen
  • It’s great for Technical Drawings, Books, User Guides
  • It’s Perfect for Artists who love Jewelry and Bling!

But really, it’s a means of expressing a jeweler’s creative ideas!

And being able to do it well, is a talent

A talent that can be taught!

For there are some wonderful books on the market for teaching exactly that…

Drawing Jewelry!

Like these very cool Drawing Books Here:

See, take a stab at Drawing Diamonds! Gems, Rings, Watches…

It’s a very cool world, that you’ll really enjoy!

And one that will help any Jeweler or Jewelry Store!

Cheers! :)

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