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Earth Day Jewelry

Earth Day is April 22nd

A day where we join hands and make the Earth a better place. By learning about climate change, planting a tree, going green, fundraising

There are so many ways to help out and support, go to and learn more.

Plus, the CRS (Catholic Relief Center) has a great post about ten ways to help the world that’s a wonderful read, as well.

Here are their ways to help:

  1. Learn more about climate change
  2. Advocate for our Earth and its people
  3. Plant a tree in your community
  4. Support farmers and their families
  5. Pray
  6. Attend a farmers’ market
  7. Support ethical trade
  8. Be the change
  9. Fundraise
  10. Connect on social media and share

It’s a great day, and can be made greater with jewelry, too. For jewelry gets attention, gets people talking, shows that you support the cause…

Like these beautiful pieces of Earth Day jewelry:

Earth Day Jewelry
For we’re all on this Earth, and we all need to do something to protect it.

Purchase your Earth Day Goods HERE:

And have a wonderful DAY!

Learn more at

Cheers! :)

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