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Emerald Cut Diamond Steal SI1 F Best Price

This Diamond is a Steal!


It’s huge, it’s clean, it’s pure white and the price is unbeatable.

It’s so good that it’ll probably sell within HOURS!

That’s HOT!

It’s an Emerald Cut Diamond, 1.01 carats, with an SI1 clarity, and an F color.

Take a Peek…

Emerald Cut Diamond SI1 F Steal

SI1, F, is the #1 best selling clarity and color in the country.

Hands down.

The small inclusions are microscopic only (nothing visible to the eye without magnification). And the color F, is pure white, meaning it will be ultra-white, very bright, and look magnificent (like a spotlight is on the stone).

The carat weight is over 1 carat (1.01), and the price…

The Price is INSANE!

It’s selling for $3480 right now. That’s a crazy deal for such a killer diamond.

And not only is this price low-low, but the stone is GIA certified.

It also has excellent polish, excellent symmetry, and no fluorescence.

It really is Spectacular!

Compare this diamond to a similar sized quality Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, and this is what you get

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond SI1 F


So you’re saving $4,600 just by going Emerald Cut!

But like I said, don’t dawdle; It will sell FAST!

All good stones do.

So if you want a huge diamond, for a kick-ass engagement ring, with an awesome clarity and color…

Then Hurry!!!

Purchase this diamond at James Allen today!

Or see other SI1, F, Emerald Cuts HERE!

Cheers! :)

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