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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Endless Colors of Birthstones and Gemstones

I see this beautiful ring with an interesting green stone in the vendor’s case (see picture). It’s an odd color. A color of green that I’ve never seen before.

I get instantly curious.

I rule out that it’s an emerald. No way, no how. Too pale, too transparent, too clean, too sparkly

So I’m thinking it’s either a crazy hue of peridot (birthstone for August), or some sort of green tourmaline. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The vendor smiles at me and says…

It’s amethyst!

What???” I’m shocked. I look closer at this modern marvel. “Green amethyst? I’ve never seen such a thing.”

It’s the latest craze on the market” he says…

It’s HOT!

I pull out my 10x jeweler’s loupe and inspect it. It’s quite stunning. I’m excited about the brilliance and clarity and color of the stone. It really does look spectacular. I’m sold.

So I tell you right now, that if you’ve never seen a green amethyst, then by all means please do so (take a look at these very cool green amethyst items here from Amazon).

Call up your local jewelry store and see if they have any of these gems in stock. Go see them, you must see them. Trust me, you’ll be impressed.

The funny thing is, green amethyst is just like regular amethyst (purple birthstone for February) in every way. The only thing that has changed is the hue.

Hues change…

Now I shouldn’t say ‘changed‘ because green amethyst hasn’t changed, it’s always been green. It’s just that we’ve never seen them before. So to us, it’s new, changed. To nature, it’s just another wild color from the earth.

Birthstone colors:

You see, all birthstones come in familiar colors and hues that you see in the jewelry stores. January garnets are reddish-brown, September sapphires are dark blue, November citrines are orange-yellow, and so on… We recognize these common stones by their common colors. We can look at a red stone and quickly surmise that it’s either a ruby (July birthstone) or a garnet.

But the truth is, that red stone could be any gemstone in the world. It’s true. Almost all gemstones come in shades of red. Did you know that? Just like almost all gemstones or birthstones come in yellows, greens, blues and purples. Heck, most gemstones come in every color of the rainbow!!! The fact is, we only know of the popular colors.

Gemstone shows:

If you look around you’ll see them. Go to trade shows, gem shows, or check out gemstone books.

You’ll see hues you’ve never seen before… And you’ll like them. It just goes to show that we are so confined to our dozen or so birthstone colors, that we practically forget there’s a whole wide world of colors out there just waiting to be discovered.

Why only give us a few colors when there’s a whole spectrum to be explored?

Endless colors await:

Colors of orange (Like fire opals – also see picture), violets (See multi-colored ring in picture above – These are all shades of sapphires), peaches, watermelon colors and cranberry colors, hues of tropical waters, lava rock, vibrant rainforest colors exist in nature. These colors would make for some unbelievably unique pieces of fine jewelry.

Give them a chance. Purple garnets? Why not?

Pastel sapphires? Sure!

Don’t forget diamonds…

And don’t forget diamonds come in all different shades, colors and hues as well!!!

Look at new and exotic gems. Delve into intense shades and body tones that are as rare and unique as we are. It’s character, personality and it’s fun.

You’ll be happy and amazed at what you’ll find.

Gemstones are much more than a dozen common colors.

Ask your local jeweler for something different, something coolAmber? Coral? Kunzite? What color attracts you? Velvet? Aqua? Hot pink? Lemon yellow?

Maybe a change of pace and color is what we all need? You know, thinking outside of the box. Green amethyst you say? Perfect! Wouldn’t you like something different as well? A spin of the color wheel? See what your imagination runs with?

After all, variety is the spice of life, and life is full of so many wonderful, wonderful colors.

Enjoy them all.

Cheers! :)

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