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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Engagement Ring Shopping Is All About Price

No matter how much I emphasize diamond quality, some people just don’t care to learn, or they think that all diamonds look alike anyway.

And while it’s true, with many diamonds, especially smaller carat weights (like under .50 carat), they will look similar to the bare eye, and sometimes even look similar under a microscope as well…

So many people simply judge a diamond by how good it looks in the light. Does it sparkle? Is the ring pretty? Dainty? Elegant?

Shopping like this is apparent in jeweler’s ads and catalogs as well… they actually train people to buy solely based upon looks

Looks and Price

For some ads give zero description of the quality. They show nothing but the price

Like this example below…

Engagement Ring Shopping Is All About Price

You get Nothing!

  • No Clarity..
  • No Color…
  • No Cut…
  • No Certification…
  • No Symmetry…
  • No Polish…
  • No Fluorescence…


And often stores will just categorize solitaire diamonds and say that the color is “Near Colorless“, or that the inclusions are “Eye-Clean“…

And so people learn to shop this way. They trust the jeweler. After all, they are the professionals

So jewelry stores are teaching people that this is what you shop for

  • A Pretty Ring
  • A Good Price

Personally, I would never buy a diamond this way, nor recommend it. For there’s a very good chance that you’ll end up with a low quality diamond, that’s foggy, cloudy, full of black spots, fractures, inclusions… a diamond with poor color, a crappy cut (bad make)…

And I’d probably be right.

So does price influence your buying decision?

I’m sure it does.

But is it the only thing you look at?

Or do you still want a decent quality and get the best deal you possibly can?

(Like these loose certified diamonds at James Allen)

Sound off in the comments below…

I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers! :)

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