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Engagement Rings For Him?

Crazy, Crazy Question…

Can you give a Man an Engagement Ring?

Has it been Done Before?

Do they even sell Men’s Engagement Rings?

All Great Questions…

Let’s Dive in…


Yes, you can give a Man an Engagement Ring!

Now, I’m not talking the Gay Community, that’s to be Expected and I have no problems with that. What I’m talking about is the Heterosexual Relationship.


As Silly as it may sound, it’s not that Silly for everyone because some people do take this Issue Seriously.

Some customers actually come in to get BOTH an Engagement Ring for Him and an Engagement Ring for Her!

I know, I know, it’s almost Shocking!

And Trust me, it is Quite Rare… But it does happen!

Stop and Think about it…

Why don’t Guys get Engagement Rings?

Seriously! Why only Ladies?

Isn’t Marriage supposed to be Equal Opportunity? 50/50? I Thought So! Remember the Saying, What’s Tours is Mine???

But why are Women the only ones who get to show the World they’re getting Married soon?

A Ring is a Symbol of Love, Faith and Hope, right? It does make sense, doesn’t it?

“We’re BOTH Getting Married!”

Not just Her!” Hmmmm…

Ladies get a Pre-Wedding Ring. Then they get the Real Wedding Ring at the Altar. What do Men get? The Bill? Ha!

This is what I’ve Experienced

One couple that ventured into these Unknown Waters was such a Fun Couple to work with. They didn’t Care what anyone thought, they wanted to Shout to the World “We’re Getting Married!

They Bought Her an Engagement Ring and also one for Him.

The Ring they picked out for Him was actually a Diamond Wedding Band. They used that as an Engagement Ring since Jewelry Stores don’t Carry or Sell any True Engagement Rings for Men. So the next Best thing was a Man’s Wedding Ring!

And that, my Friends, is what they did!

That way they could both Proudly Wear their Rings and Show Everyone that they’re Officially Off The Market!

And Another Ring???

Once they get Married, he’ll get ANOTHER Wedding Band to Wear along side his Engagement Band.

That’s Right! Just like the Ladies do, he’ll Wear 2 Rings on the Same Finger!

Interesting eh?

(Just make Sure the Rings look Good Together!)

Another Example

Now another Fun Couple did something which I think is a much Better Solution.

She bought him a Men’s Diamond Ring (Not a Wedding Band, just a Men’s Ring with a Diamond in it like this Men’s Ring Here!)

He’ll Wear that Diamond Ring on his Wedding Ring Finger until the Day of the Wedding. Then he’ll move that “Engagement Ring” over to his Right Hand and the new Wedding Ring will take it’s place.

That seems like a Very Cool Way of handling things. His Engagement Ring shows the Single Ladies on the other side of the Room that he’s “Taken“.

Gotta Love that!

I know, it’s Different. It’s Crazy. It’s Fun!

So Why Not?

Wear the Ring Early!

Another couple just ended up Buying ONE Wedding Ring, which he then Wore Immediately. He put it on and Wore it the whole time they were Engaged. Then he used that Same Ring during the Ceremony where it was Officially placed on his Finger for good!

(If you do this, make sure you get the Ring Polished up before the Wedding so it looks Brand New again!)

So you see, every Couple is Different.

There are no Rules or Regulations when it comes to Couples, Rings or Weddings!

Do What You Like!

Do What You Want!

If you want a Pre-Pre-Engagement Ring, go for it! Even if it’s Just a Cheap Little CZ Ring. It’s your Decision, your Life, Enjoy it!

If you want your Rings Tattooed on your Finger… Be my Guest!

If it makes you Two Love-Birds Happy, that’s all that truly matters!

Plus, if the Jewelers get an Extra Sale or two from all of this…

Everyone is Happy!

His and Hers Engagement Rings…

Are they for you?

Do you Dare to be Different?

Start a New Trend?

Do you Care what other people think?

Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but it does make you think…

“With this Ring… I CERTAINLY DO!!!”

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