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Figaro Link Chain Best Selling Mens Bracelet

Like the title says, the figaro chains are the best selling and most popular men’s bracelet in the world.

Hands down.

There is no comparison. In just about every movie ever made, where a man is wearing a bracelet, it’s a figaro.

The figaro bracelet:

Figaro is the name of the popular Italian link that consists of 3 small oval links, then one longer oval link. Then it’s repeated. 3-2-3-2

The links are usually concave with beveled edges to catch the light (see picture).

The name figaro actually implies “music“. Don’t ask me why, it just does (maybe it’s like the “tennis bracelet”… even though that doesn’t imply tennis either).

Why is it so popular?

The reason why the fancy figaro chain is so popular is because it’s masculine, rugged and very durable.

Men that normally wouldn’t wear jewelry, will wear a figaro chain. Whether it’s a bracelet or necklace, figaro works.

Figaro is the one type of link chain that men can put on and never have to worry about. The links are all independently soldered so they won’t pull apart either. They can put the chain on and wear it forever.

The standard men’s bracelet length is 8″

The wider the links go, the longer the bracelet will need to be; because wider takes up more room on the wrist. 10mm links are probably going to need to be 8.5″ – 9″.

The average length for a necklace is 20″ for a man. The standard mm size for a men’s bracelet is 6-10mm (10 is awesome).


Anything smaller than a 6mm on a man will sometimes look too thin, wimpy and feminine (4mm is usually a gift for a woman).

The average gram weight will vary, but 35-100 grams is great.

Figaro bracelets for men are usually much thicker than ladies bracelets. Thick, solid and quite heavy.

And because the links are so big and heavy, it also means, the price is big and heavy too

It won’t be cheap!

Women always get sticker shock when they come in to buy a man’s bracelet…

If you’re looking to only spend $100 bucks… look away.

Good bracelets can run in the hundreds and thousands. It all depends on the gram weight and the thickness of the chain.

Is it hollow?

One big thing that you’ll have to watch out for is hollow links (also called semi-hollow).

This is such an important topic in men’s bracelets, that I’m going to go on about it for a bit. The difference between hollow links and solid links is major.

Buying solid is vital.

It’s not so important for a figaro bracelet to be solid for ladies (just because women are easier and gentler on their jewelry), but for men… that’s a different story.

Hollow links are links that look solid and heavy, but aren’t.

They are hollowed out inside and feel lightweight. Manufacturers do this solely for price. Customers get a big look, but spend only a fraction of the price.

Sounds good? No! It’s not!

I would never buy hollow links.

Neither should you. Ever!

They will crush, bend and break quickly.

On a man, a hollowed out bracelet could last just a couple of months (if you’re lucky, a couple of years).

And once you dent or crush a figaro link that’s hollow inside, it can’t be fixed.

That’s not good.

It’s a waste and a rip off.

You’ll be out buying a brand new bracelet in a year or so. It’s just not worth it.

So don’t buy hollow links…

How can you tell if it’s hollow?

One way to tell if it’s hollow, is to feel the weight of it.

You can usually tell from juggling the bracelet in your hand (if not, look at the price tag. Gram weights are usually listed).

If it’s hollow, the links will have a weird clinking sound to them. They’ll sound like tin rattling together. They’ll sound cheap.

How else can you tell they’re hollow?

The price!

That’s right…

Check the price.

If it’s cheaper than normal, it’s not real. It’s hollow (they also call these cheapie chains “semi-solid“, plated, overlay, and “lite“).

Check around and see the different styles and different weights.

You’ll see and feel the difference.

A good thing to do, is to ask the jeweler if the links are solid or not! I can’t stress how important this is.

You don’t want hollow.

Figaro chains (solid ones) are wonderful, because they never kink up or get tangled. They always lay nice and beautifully across the wrist. They have no sharp edges to get caught on anything.

And they’ll take a beating! They can also be easily polished to look brand new again if they get scuffed up.

The best selling bracelets:

Figaro bracelets are the best selling men’s bracelet of all times; birthdays, father’s day, Christmas, sweetest day, valentines, it doesn’t matter, with figaro, you can’t go wrong (they sell like hot cakes).

And purchasing a matching figaro necklace makes a great add-on gift for that next special occasion.

The downfalls?

The only downside to buying such a heavy chain is the clasp.

Figaro chains usually come with a lobster claw clasp (see picture). That’s actually an awesome thing… lobster claws are the BEST, most durable type of clasp in the world…

But the downside comes when you break them.

Yes, they can break. There’s a spring inside that eventually wears out… (I’ve replaced 2 of mine in 12 years).

The sad thing is, lobster clasps can get very expensive. Especially in larger sizes. $100-$400 a clasp. Ouch!

Not only is the figaro link chain the most popular men’s bracelet on earth, but it’s also inspired quite a few spin-offs as well. Great chains like the figarucci. The figarucci is a combination of figaro links and gucci links put together.

And then you have the figarope chain. That’s a chain that combines a rope chain with the figaro chain. You’ll also find figaro ID bracelets. That’s an ID plate on a figaro chain. Plus many more…

The next most popular men’s chain?

And since we’re talking about link chains for men, I’ll list the next 2 best selling bracelets for men:

  • Curb link chains (looks like the figaro, but without the longer links in between)
  • Mariner link chains (also called “gucci chains” Which are oval links with a bar through the center of them).

Best selling metals?

The best choice of metals to buy, and the #1 most popular, is 14kt yellow gold.

(10kt works just as well for chains and bracelets and is much cheaper).

The number 2 choice of metal is of course: 14kt white gold (they also sell two-tone figaro chains, with both 14kt yellow gold and 14kt white gold mixed. Usually alternating links of color)

The 3rd type of metal is sterling silver.

Sterling is popular, but I don’t advise it, because silver tarnishes and leaves a green stain on your wrist.

The 4th metal is stainless steel:

Steel figaro bracelets are awesome and cheaper white metals that looks great, and is not as expensive as gold.

5th on the list is titanium. Titanium is a very durable, lightweight metal that has a gun-metal gray color. Great metal, cheap price.

So there you go, the facts of the figaro.

It’s a link that will never go out of style. Which is great, because figaro bracelets and chains are built to last a lifetime.

Cheers! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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