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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Fingerprint Jewelry

Brent & Jess

Let me talk about a Jeweler that I Recently Found Online: Brent & Jess (at

I came across their Etsy Store and Fell in Love with the Concept and the Jewelry they Sell. Easy as that!

If I Love it, I’ll Pass it onto you! :)

Brent & Jess make custom Rings, Pendants, Wedding Bands, Memorials, Cuff Links, and Engagement Rings like no other Jeweler does.

You see, they Customize their Unique Pieces with your Very Own Fingerprint!

Which is Way Cool…

Fingerprint Jewelry Website!

Really, what an Awesome Idea for Matching Bands than using your Own Fingerprints Sealed in the Metal Forever.

I Think it’s Brilliant!

The Really Cool Thing about these items: The Prices are Very Reasonable!

Brent and Jess Fingerprint Jewelry!

Brent & Jess have been making these Fingerprint Rings for 13 Years, and have not only Perfected the Process, but the Finger Print Impression Kit is Patented.

To Make your own Fingerprint Ring:

It couldn’t get any Simpler.

You Order Online. They send you the Fingerprint Kit to Capture the Textures, Ridges and Valleys of your Finger. You Mail it back to them where they will make a Mold of it (using the Lost Wax Process), and then Cast the item in the Metal of your Choice.

The Result is a Shallow Relief of your Finger Print cast in either Silver, Gold (Even Rose Gold – Very Cool), Platinum and Palladium.

Silver is Available for Immediate Purchase Online, but for the other Metals you’ll need a Quote since Metal Prices Change Frequently.

I really Love the Concept of Sealing your Print in or on a Ring, and I Love the Sentimental Value of Casting an Ink Print of a Loved one for a Memorial Piece, like the Beautiful Dog Tag Pendant shown below…

Brent and Jess Fingerprint Dog Tag Pendant!

I don’t think there’s a Better Way of holding someone Dear and Close, and Cherishing their Individual Stamp for Life.

You can’t put a Price on that!

When my Father Passed away Years ago, the Hospital took Hand and Fingerprint Impressions for the Family Members, so I know how Important and Touching this Sentiment becomes.

A Quote from their Website says it all “It’s like your Loved one just Touched the end of their Finger on your Ring, leaving their Mark“.

Take a look at some of the Stunning Items Designed by Brent & Jess

Fingerprint Jewelry Items!

And, like I said, the Prices for these Custom Works of Art are not at all what you’d think. Sterling Silver Rings begin at less than $200. For Custom Work, that’s a Steal!

Especially Custom Work with your own Unique Fingerprint… That’s not much to Pay at all!

You can even get a Silver Disc with your Baby’s Feet Imprinted on it… Priceless!

They’ll even do Custom Engraving on the Items if you like…

Engraving on Fingerprint Jewelry!

Some of these Rings and Pendants use Finger Tip Prints, others use Wraps. To Clarify this, Brent and Jess have a Cool Graphic on their FAQ page that makes Perfect Sense…

Fingerprint Wraps and Tips!

What do other People say?

Looking at Brent and Jess’s Testimonial page says a lot:

• “My wife & I got married this past weekend. We love our rings so much, it means the world to carry each other’s most individual and unique trait with us at all times. Thank you so much for helping us with this! – Jodie & Jay

• “My husband and I wanted to have unique wedding bands, but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg. Brent&Jess offered the perfect solution. After visiting many local jewelers who kept trying to talk us into rings we didn’t want, it was nice to be able to get exactly what we wanted with Brent&Jess.”

• “These rings are absolutely perfect. They are personal and every time I look at them I just feel…warm. Our hands will always be “touching” thanks to Brent and Jess’s amazing team. This is by far the best purchase I have ever made (Etsy or not). Thank you so much for your craftsmanship, patience, and guidance in making our amazing rings. I will definitely be recommending your business to everyone in search of the perfect, personal, sentimental gift.”

I Applaud Brent and Jess for being unique and making Jewelry that stands out and is very meaningful.

Custom Takes Longer

Just note that Custom Work does take longer to Design since they First have to get your Fingerprint, Make the Mold, Cast it and Polish the Piece.

They do allow Rush Jobs for an Additional fee, but really, plan far enough in Advance so you don’t Stress and get Anxious when that Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, or Wedding Date comes around.

I suggest you check out their website here. They’ll surely leave an Imprint on you! :)

Fingerprint Jewelry Website!

Note that all the Images and Screenshots used in this Post are Acquired Directly from the Brent and Jess Website.

Their Product is one of a kind, it makes you want to show it off! :)

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