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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Fun Scary Creepy Geeky Halloween Jewelry


It’s that Time of Year again…

The Leaves are Turning. The Nights are Getting Longer. The Chill is in the Air…

The Hair on your Neck Rises! The Closet Door Creaks Open…

It MUST Be Halloween!

My Favorite Festive Holiday!

All the Moans, Groans, Creepy Crawlers, and things that go Bump in the Night

Whether it’s Cheesy Good Frights, Orange or Black Themes, Trick or Treating, Haunted Housing, Apple Bobbing, Scary Seances, or Costume Parties…

It’s all FUN!

And hey, FREE CANDY!

So Spooky, Geeky, Fantasy, or Goth… Why Not kick off Fall with a Boo-tiful Pendant, Bracelet, Earring or Ring.

There’s Lots to Choose From!

To give you some Great Ideas, I’ve gone to some of the Biggest Sites on the Web

Looking for Halloween Jewelry!

So let’s Dig in (or Dig up), Scare some Delights, bring on the Smiles, the Undead, and the Bling.

Because these things will make Everyone SCREAM!


Scary Halloween Jewelry

Zombie Heart Necklace

Creature From The Black Lagoon Earrings

Meaty Eyeball Necklace

Zombie Head Fishtank Pendant

Pale Man Necklace

Bloody Halloween Food Ring

Bloody Tooth Brooch

Green Zombie Virus Pendant

Monster Dog Bangle Bracelet

Geeky Halloween Jewelry

Daryl Dixon Zombie Ears Necklace

Zombie Charm Bracelet

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Earrings

Daryl Dixon Angel Wing Pendant

Avengers Charm Bracelet

Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Ring

Skull Finger Claw Ring

Raven Ear Wrap

Hydra Pin

Star Trek: Voyager Communicator Badge

Fun Halloween Jewelry

Boo Floating Charm Locket Necklace

Black Cat and Full Moon Necklace

Pirate Skulls Silver Earrings

Black Cat Crystal Dangle Earrings

Candy Corn Earrings

Zombie Bracelet

Grim Reaper Pendant

Frankenstein and Bride Charm Bracelet

Eyeball Ring

Jason Mask Ring

Raven Dangle Earrings

Festive Halloween Jewelry

Black Widow & Spider Necklace

Moveable Skull Case Pendant

Limbs Moving Skeleton Skull Earrings

Skull Necklace Pendant Chain

Stainless Steel Death Flower Skull Head Ring

Inverted Cross Pentagram Bracelet

Zombie Charm Bracelet

Breaking Teeth Bangle Bracelet

Scary Heart in Hands Ear Plugs

Scary Color Spider Ring

Crystal Purple Pendant Necklace

Creepy Halloween Jewelry

Bone Earrings

Cross Sword Earrings

Black Spider Drop Earrings

Day of the Dead Rose Earrings

White Skull Bracelet

Bleeding Heart Necklace

Skull and Teeth Necklace

Triple Claw Ring

Pink Skull Toggle Bracelet

Bat Wings Gem Necklace

Witch Spiderweb Necklace

Want MORE Ideas?

How about these Creepy Cool Topics

Axes Grim Reaper
Bats Hell
Black Cats Jack O Lanterns
Blood Masks
Bones Monsters
Brooms Mummies
Candy Owls
Cemeteries Phantoms
Cobwebs Potions
Coffins Rats
Crows Ravens
Dead Rotting
Decay Skeletons
Demons Skulls
Dracula Spiders
Eyeballs Toads
Evil Tomb Stones
Fangs Vampires
Frankenstein Warts
Ghosts Werewolves
Ghouls Witches
Goblins Zombies

There You Go

So Crank out the Ouija Board, it’s almost…


Dress Up your Outfit or Costume and Have a Scary Good Time!

Hilarious Hats and Horror…

It’s Right Behind You!

Shhhh…. QuietDon’t Make A Sound



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