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Getting Married During The World Wide Pandemic



It’s so weird to wrap my head around…

But many couples are.

As a world wide pandemic is going on, so does life.

Meaning, people will still fall in love. People will still get married, no matter what.

Granted, some weddings were planned far in advance, and they’re just sticking to their dates…

But I don’t get it.

What get married during a pandemic?

To say you did? Is that exciting?

Take for example an acquaintance of mine. His daughter just got married in a hall 2 weeks ago (the beginning of August).

There were originally supposed to be 300 people present. They whittled that down to 150.

They rented an entire hall, then divided it into 3 sections; 1) for the bride to get dressed in. 2) the wedding to take place in. 3) the reception.

All of these plans were extremely difficult to work out right now, as you can imagine. It almost didn’t happen. Everything, and everyone kept changing due to the circumstances and state orders. They had to pull some strings to get the hall, and plan all of the catering.

These things are hard enough to do on any given day, let alone during Covid-19.

I’m still boggled about it.

I wonder why?

Why do it now? What’s the rush? After all, if you’re going to be married for the rest of your lives, why not wait a year?

You know, when it’s safer?

When you don’t put all of your friends and family at risk?

Is it worth it?

And even if everyone attends… Are they going to feel pressured into going? Feel awkward? Scared?

My friend told me that everyone wore a mask when they were walking about. They only removed them once they sat down…

It’s crazy to imagine.

Especially since some people, no matter what, will NOT wear a mask (even if their life depends upon it).

So what’s the results?

Odd pictures with guests and face masks? How bizarre.

If I were invited to a wedding right now, I probably wouldn’t go. It’s not that I’m frightened of getting the coronavirus, it’s just that I don’t want to up my odds. Why chance it?

All those people together, crammed into one room, breathing the same air, touching everything, coughing, sneezing…

It seems senseless to me.

I’d rather just send them money (that’s what they want anyway).

Is it worth it to you?

Would you feel safe? Would it bother you in the least? Or is it just a young thing versus old thing?

Let me know in the comments below.

Because all it takes is one person to ruin a wedding. Or your life.

So tell me, are you getting married this year?

What are your concerns?

Would you attend a wedding?

Help me understand the logic, because I just don’t see it.

I mean, you could always elope if you’re that desperate. And then renew your vows next year, when the world is in a better state.

Wedding, or NO?

Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers! :)

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