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Give A Wish Bracelet

Make a Wish…

That’s what you’ll be doing with these FUN bracelets.

I first saw one of these in Hawaii on my last visit, and I bought one for a friend of mine (she was getting married in Maui and it was a cute impulse purchase that made the whole trip more magical). I gave it to her on the last day there. She made a wish, put it on, wore it for weeks…

And long about the third week, the string broke, she lost it (that’s supposed to happen)…

And when it did…

Her Wish Came True!

Or so the charming bracelet told! For it’s a wish bracelet, and that’s the goal.

Here’s how it Works:

You give it to someone as a gift. They make a wish, put it on, and once the string breaks (more than likely losing the bracelet, charm or beads), their wish is supposed to come true.

Yes, it’s Cheesy. Sure!

Yes it’s a silly gimmick.

Do I believe in wishes?


BUT… I also believe in little thoughtful gifts that touch peoples hearts and raise their spirits as well.

For everyone needs a Wish and some Hope.

That’s why you should Buy your Best Friend a Wish Bracelet too.

Give them a wish, hope it comes true.

(They even make one for sisters)

Prices for these darling bracelets range from a couple of bucks to fifty. It all depends on the actual charm you choose, and the meaning behind the card.

Take a gander at some of the Wish Bracelets below…

Will you Give a Wish?

See ALL the Fun Wish Bracelets HERE!

Cheers! :)

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