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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Good Bad Marquise Shaped Diamonds

Tricky Tricky

Marquise Cut Diamonds are a Tricky Bunch!

These Fancy Shaped Stones that look like Footballs and Mimic the Diamond on a Deck of Playing Cards, are one of the Hardest Shapes to get Right.

If you look at Different Marquise Diamonds in the Jeweler’s Showcases, you’ll see that many of them are Fat, some are Long and Skinny, others are even Oval in Shape!

Some you can’t even tell what Shape it really is

Here are Some Examples…

Different Marquise Shaped Diamonds!

So what gives?

What is the Proper Shape and Preferred Dimensions of a Marquise Cut Stone?

It is: 1.75 – 2.25:1

That’s actually a Length-to-Width Ratio that Basically says the Marquise should be 2:1 (Two to One), or Twice as Long as it is Wide.

Take a Peek at the Correct Marquise Ration as well as the Facets of the Marquise both Top and Bottom!

Marquise Diamond Ratio, Facets and Proportions!

That Proportion will give you a Great Looking Stone.

Unlike these Next 4 Diamonds that are either Too Thin or Too Fat.

Take a Peek…

1.02 Marquise, SI1, I Diamond!

1.02 Marquise, I1, I Diamond!

.98 Marquise, SI1, J Diamond!

.70 Marquise, SI2, G Diamond!

See how the Shape Affects the Beauty of the Stone?

It’s a Visual Thing!

The Shape also Affects the Ring!

The Shape of a Marquise Diamond also Affects how the Entire Ring Looks and Feels. Take the Example of the Channel Set Mounting below with Different Shaped Marquise Diamonds in the Center of them. One is Too Wide, one Too Skinny, and one Just Right…

Different Marquise Look Different in Mountings!

Check the Measurements!

So if you’re Shopping for a Marquise Diamond, Check the Measurements of the Stone. This will be Listed on any Diamond Report.

The Stone should be Pretty Much Twice as Long as the Width. But keep in mind, you’ll Never Find an Exact or Perfect Ratio, Diamonds Just Aren’t Cut Perfect, but you should get Close.

A Stone Too Thin or Skinny can be Weak and Brittle. And if the Stone is Too Wide or Thick, then it doesn’t even look like a Marquise Diamond.

And the Brilliance…

Plus, the Shape also Affects Brilliance, Sparkle and the Classic Bow-Tie!

A Good Cut will Sparkle like Crazy. A Poor Cut will look Dull, Lifeless and Blah.

If the Stone is Too Deep or Too Skinny, you’ll often see a Very Dark Bow-Tie in the Center of the Stone.

While a Slight Bow-Tie is Fine, a Dark or Distracting Bow-Tie is NOT!

Good Shaped Marquise Diamonds

See Diamonds below of Good Shaped Marquise Diamonds with GREAT Sparkle!

1.12 Marquise, VS2, F Diamond!

1.13 Marquise, VVS2, H Diamond!

1.43 Marquise, VS2, F Diamond!

See the Difference in How a Good Shaped Marquise looks? They are Beautiful and Very Appealing!

One Last Tip…

…And that is a Pun…

Cap the Tips!

There are Different Styles of Heads or Prongs that a Marquise Stone can be set in:

  • Regular Prong Heads
  • V-Tipped Heads

You WANT the V-Tipped Head!


Regular Prongs just Sit on the Point of the Stone, and can Easily get Bumped or Knocked Sideways one way or the other.

If your Prong gets Hit, often it will also Chip the Very Tip of your Diamond in the Process!

V-Tips are BETTER!

V-Tipped Heads have Flat Edges that Comfortably Sit on either side of the Tip of the Stone. It Protects it!

These Heavier Prongs keep you from Bending the Prong because it’s more Durable and Secure. It keeps you from Damaging the Vulnerable and Weakest Part of the Marquise Diamond, the Points!

See the Difference between Regular Prongs and V-Tipped Prongs below…

Types of Prongs on a Marquise Cut Diamond!

So if you’re Buying a Marquise Diamond, and it has Regular Prongs on it, Ask the Jeweler if you can get V-Tips instead!

Your Diamond will Look Better because V-Tips actually Accentuate the Wonderful Pointed Tips that Marquise Diamonds are known for (and it’ll make your Fingers Look Longer too).

V-Tips look Great and Secures the Stone firmly so it doesn’t Chip or Break!

Because nothing’s Worse than Finding the Perfectly Shaped Marquise, only to Chip the end 2 Months Later!

V-tip your Diamond and enjoy the stone.

That’s a Point that’s Well Worth Taking!

Something else that’s Well Worth Taking?

This Last Marquise Diamond

This Stone is STUNNING and about as Perfect as you can get!

What a Beauty!

Great Looking Marquise Cut Diamond!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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