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Great Jewelry Gifts for Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women and Jewelry make an Interesting Conversation.

“I Can’t Wear My Rings!”

It seems that Woman who are Pregnant usually Cannot Wear their Rings (Wedding Rings, Cocktail Rings, Gemstone Rings, Mother’s Rings), because their Fingers get too Swollen and often Fluctuate.

“It’s So Irritating!”

Plus, most Pregnant Women can actually be more Irritated by the Chemicals found in Metals and Gold (Due to Changes in Body Acids).

And a lot of Women Develop Rashes and Allergic Reactions to Metals (that can be Passed Down to their Child).

The Best Option for many, is to Not Wear any Rings at All!

So Buying a Lovely, Little Keepsake for your Expecting Wife gets a little bit more Difficult!

So what is the Solution?

What Jewelry do you get a Pregnant Woman that she can Wear and Enjoy until the Baby is Born?


Pendants are the Best Choice because Fingers may get Pudgy and Bloated, but Necks generally stay the same!

Pendants make Great Gifts because they can be seen easily, can be taken on and off easily, and the Styles of Chains are Endless!

Plus, with all the different Lengths of Chains available (I Recommend 20″), Pendants make Gift Buying Easy!

So the Next Question is:

What type of Pendant should you get?

One of your Best Bets is either to Get the Baby’s Birthstone (the Gemstone for that Month if you know it), or get the Mom a Diamond! (Diamond works for any Month or Birthstone, even though Diamond is Officially the Birthstone for April!)

Now this is when it all gets Tricky…

How do you know what the Birthstone is BEFORE the Baby comes?

The truth is, you never can be sure.

The baby could come Days, Weeks or even Months Early (or Late). Plus, Buying one Birthstone and getting her the Wrong one doesn’t Bode too well either.

So this is what I Advise…

Buy the Pendant Mounting NOW. Do this ahead of time so you’re ready when the Baby Decides to “POP“.

Then, once you do know the Month, have the Jeweler set the Birthstone!

Simple as that!

But What is the Birthstone?

Now some Guys will just wait until the Baby comes before they run off to the Jeweler in High Hopes of finding a Cute, Little Pendant.

Granted, this isn’t such a Bad Idea, since Jewelers will normally carry a Small Assortment of Jewelry for the Birthstone of the Month… But it does leave you running all around the city trying to find something you like.

It’s Your Call!

My Favorite Gift to Sell Expecting Fathers are little Baby Bootie (Like these Cute Booties HERE!) Shoe Charms are Darling! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! (See Picture!) They look Great in Both Yellow Gold and White Gold. 14kt Gold is Better than most other Metals if she has Allergic Reactions!

Purchase the Charm first…

Get the Charm first, and then set a Gemstone in the Foot Opening and you have a Wonderful, Adorable Gift!

They make Tons of Different Styles of Baby Booties as well, and some already have the Birthstones set in them. You’ll have to check them out!

Other Great Pendant Charm Ideas:

Little Boy or Little Girl Charms. Baby Buggy Charms. Teddy Bears. Pacifiers. Even Flat Discs Work Great. You can get them Engraved with the Baby’s Name and Birth Date. (Another reason to wait until the Baby shows up!)

To make things easier, you can put these items into Lay-a-way until you’re ready to get them out. That, or a Repair! Then all you have to do is Call the Jeweler once the Baby is Born and they’ll set the Stones and wrap it up for you.

It’s Perfect!

Now, let’s look at the Official Birthstones…

Here’s a list of Birthstones and Months!

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Created Alexandrite or Pearl
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Pink Tourmaline or Opal
  • November – Citrine
  • December – Blue Topaz or Blue Zircon

Mother and Child Pendant!

Diamonds Anyone?

If you don’t want to Bother with Birthstones…

Go with Diamonds!

And one of my Favorite Diamond Pendants for Pregnant Woman is the Mother and Child Pendant. (See Picture)

The Original Designs are made by Janel Russell and are the Best. They Feature Silhouettes of a Mother and Child that look Stunning. You can get them in Gold, Two-Tone, with Diamond or without.

You can even get Matching Earrings and Dangles if you like. They all Work Perfectly! (Great for a Boy or Girl or Two or Three…!) Very Sharp! Very Attractive! You’ll Love it!

One Note I will Emphasize is this:

Buy a Sturdy enough Chain!

Pendants usually come on Wimpy, Little, Frail Chains that Break Easily. Upgrade Them to more Durable ones like Box Chains or Wheat Chains and make sure you get a Lobster Claw Clasp on the Chain, so it won’t Slip off her Neck!

A last note on Pendants…

Try not to get any Charms with Sharp Edges!

You don’t want to Harm your Baby, because Babies like to Grab and Chew Everything!!!

So please be Careful with any Jewelry around Babies and Infants.

There you have it!

Congrats to you…

And Congrats to the New Born Bundle of Joy!

Cheers! :)

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