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How Big Will Her Diamond Look?

You want to know how Big a Diamond will look on her hand?

You want to know what Size of Diamond to Buy her?

Look at the Picture to the Right then ask yourself this Simple Question:

Can You Ever Get Too Big?

Nope! The funny thing is, most Guys don’t actually care if the Diamond will look ‘Too Big’ on her Finger, what they’re really wondering is “Can I Spend Less and Buy her a Smaller Diamond?

That’s the Real Deal!

Get over it Guys, It’s Not That Big!

Truth is, you can Never Buy a Diamond that’s Too Big. I’ve never seen a Lady’s Finger that couldn’t comfortably hold a 2.00 Carat Diamond. It’s Amazing how Good they look.

In fact, I have a feeling that you could Never Afford the Size of Diamond that would be considered “Too Large!

Diamonds look Great in all Sizes

…and even Better Bigger!

Only one Woman out of a hundred will actually say “That Diamond’s Too Big!

It’s not even the Fact that she couldn’t wear it, it’s just that she happens to be the Odd Ball that doesn’t Like Diamonds. Women like this can get Quaint, Cute, Little, Petite, Cheap Diamonds and still be Happy.


(Lucky for the Guys!)

Here is some Simple Trivia and Pointers about Ladies Rings and Diamond Sizes that may Help you.

Trivia and Pointers

The Average Lady’s Finger is a Size 6. Sometimes 6.5. In another Ten years the Average Ring Size for a Woman probably be 7… Fast Food and all!

The Ultimate Diamond Ring to Buy is a Tiffany-Style Solitaire Mounting. (See Picture!) That’s the Most Popular type of Diamond Engagement Ring to Wear in the World. The Tiffany is Simple, Elegant, Stylish and nothing shows off and highlights a Diamond Better! I Highly Recommend a Solitaire Mounting, or at the least, a Pave Mounting Like This. 14Kt Yellow or White Gold both look Excellent!

The Average Carat Size for an Engagement Ring is .38 Carats. But Secretly, all Women want a 1.00 Carat or Larger in their Dreams! And I would know, I talk to “Diamond Ring Lookers” every single Day. They go ga-ga over Big Stones.

The MM Size of a 1.00 Carat Diamond is 6.5 MM. (If it’s Cut Correctly)

The Average MM Thickness for a Ladies Finger is 17 MM. So think about it, will a 6.5 MM Diamond (1.00 Carat) look Large up against a 17 MM Finger? Nope! It should look just Right!

So there you go, Basic Facts that should Aid you in knowing if Your Big is Big Enough!

I’m sure Women will give you the Same Answer…

It’s a Diamond Thing!

The good news is, you’ll never have to Worry about Buying a Diamond that’s so Large it’ll Overpower her Finger. That just isn’t going to happen. Instead Concentrate on Buying her the Biggest and Best Quality Diamond you can Afford.

Too Big or Too Small, Women will Wear it, Love it, and always make it Fit.

Even if it’s Top Heavy and Flops around, they’ll Deal with it.

You can’t Say “NO” to a Large Diamond

Chances are Good, that if you Buy her a Diamond that she considers “Large“, then I’m sure she’ll also be wearing a Large Smile!

Diamonds and Smiles go hand in hand. But Bigger Diamonds gain Bigger Smiles, Bigger Reactions, and Bigger Hugs!

Not to mention the Fact that they look Bigger and Better on her hand!

Cheers! :)

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