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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

How Can You Tell a Mans Ring From a Ladies Ring?

Silly Question???

Not Really!

You would be Surprised at how many People Ask me that Question in the Jewelry Store: “Is this Ring a Man’s Ring or a Lady’s Ring?

Is there a way to tell the Difference?

Yes and No!

Let’s get one thing clear… Anybody can Wear any Ring (Man or Woman) that there is on the Market.

Really! Rings are Rings!

But, it is True that some Rings do Look Better on one Gender Versus the other.

Diamond Engagement Rings are a Great Example of this. Women wear Engagement Rings Wonderfully… Men, not so much.

Engagement Rings are Primarily Women’s Territory. The Diamond sits Proudly up off the Band. The Mounting is Full of Diamonds and Channels and Lovely Curves and looks like a Beautiful Work of Art.

They are Showpieces

Engagement Rings are Too Flashy and Stunning for Men to Wear… Plus, they are Wayyyyy Tooo Sparkly!

It’s just a Visual Thing.

Now, I will say there are some Fuzzy Rules that I go by to Determine if a Ring is a Mans or Woman’s ring…

Signs of a Man’s Ring:

  • Flat Band
  • Wide Band
  • Brushed Finish
  • Squared Off
  • Few Diamonds
  • No Solitaire Diamonds
  • Nothing that sits up high
  • Nothing Flashy
  • Nothing Gaudy
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Solid
  • Few Prongs
  • Masculine Looking

Every Ring is Different

Granted, Every Single Ring is Different and these are just my Opinion, but generally, for the Most Part, they are True.

Take a look at some Examples showing the Difference in Appearance between Men’s Rings and Lady’s Rings.

Men’s Rings and Lady’s Rings

How Can You Tell A Mans Ring From A Ladies Ring

So you see, it’s Not so Cut and Dry

Some Rings could be Universal, Coed, and Worn by Anyone.

Rings like: Wedding Bands, Gemstone Rings, Pinky Rings. Men will normally just stick to a more Masculine Ring.

Women on the other hand are More Versatile. Women will Wear what ever they like.

I’ve seen a lot of Women Wear Men’s Rings that are Heavy, Wide and Thick. Simple Pieces do tend to look More Manly.

Most Women can pull this off with No Problem though. After all, they’ve been Wearing Guy’s Class Rings and College Rings for Decades.

So when it comes down to the Question:

Is it a Man’s Ring or a Lady’s Ring?

It’s usually the Guy that really wants to know. Heaven Forbid he Wear a Girl’s Ring! :)

The Bottom Line

If you have to Ask, then it’s probably NOT the Right Ring for you.

When in Doubt, Don’t Buy it!

You have to Feel Comfortable with your Jewelry. You Don’t Want to Question your Sexuality.

If it’s a Man’s Ring… You’ll know it!

If not… Your Friends will surely tell you! :)

And if all Else Fails:

Check the Ring Size!

That’s usually a Dead Giveaway. Ladies Ring Sizes are normally a 6 or 6 1/2. Mens are normally a Default Size 10.

And if that doesn’t Help you, bring a Friend so you can get another Opinion!

Cheers! :)

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