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How Cut Makes A Diamond Sparkle


Let’s face it, that’s why we love diamonds so much.

If it didn’t sparkle, it would be just another rock in the driveway.

But that sparkle is mesmerizing. Breathtaking. We all get lost in the brilliance and fire.

So what is it about a diamond that makes it sparkle so much?


The way that a diamond is cut, or faceted, is 99% of the reason why it sparkles.

Other aspects can help as well, like fewer inclusions, or a whiter body color. But really, it’s all about the cut.

Cut is all about proportions:

Diamond Proportions

Picture a fun house full of mirrors…

If you shined a flashlight into the mirrors, it would bounce the light around and reflect everywhere. And if you angled the mirrors just right, you could create some very cool patterns and refractions (imagine light through water, creating a rainbow).

Diamonds are cut the same way.

The bottom of a diamond (the round brilliant cut diamond), is pointed. This allows light to bounce across the pavilion and reflect back out to the viewer. And if you looked at a diamond from a side view, you would actually see this light interaction cutting across the base of the stone, as so:

Light Bouncing Across Diamond Pavilion

Light enters the crown, hits the angled sides, bounces across, and back into your eyes. It’s almost magical.

But this light bounding out isn’t always the case. You see, if the sides are angled differently, like too steep, or too shallow, then the light doesn’t bounce back. It shoots out of the bottom of the stone and gets lost (creating a dark and dismal diamond).

Compare Diamond Proportions

So the way a diamond is cut, has a direct impact on the sparkle. And the better, or more precise the cut, the more brilliance, fire, and scintillation you’ll see.

Compare different cuts of diamond below:

Compare Diamond Cut Grades

This is why I always advise the best cut diamond you can afford. No other attribute affects the beauty of a diamond as much as cut. You could have a low clarity, and low color diamond (like SI2, J), that’s cut “excellent“, side by side with a better quality stone (VVS2, E), with a “good” cut, and the lower quality stone will look 1000% better (and be cheaper).

Compare the diamonds below:

Compare SI2 To VVS2 Clarity

So it’s not all about quality. It’s about CUT!

And if you want the BEST cut…

Buy yourself a True Hearts diamond. True Hearts have those perfectly patterned “hearts and arrows” that you always hear about. Only the finest cut diamonds in the world get these…

That’s the best cut money can buy.

You don’t need to buy the best clarity, or the best color to knock her socks off. It’s cut that makes her eyes light up, and the diamond shine like 1000 stars in the sky.

Check out these True Hearts diamonds here at James Allen.

Perfectly Cut Round Diamonds

You won’t regret it!

Cheers! :)

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