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Omega Choker Chain Fit?

What are omega chains?“, and “how should you wear an omega?“, is always a question that often comes up.

Women love the look of these styles of chains, but don’t know how to choose the proper length.

For most women, these chains just never lay right.

Well I’m here to help!

Omega chains, are normally wide flat necklaces that are worn shorter on the neck.

Shorter chains that lay close to the neck are called “chokers”.

Chains like the omegas are usually found in 4MM or 6MM widths (see picture).

6MM is the average millimeter that most women get. But you can buy them as thin as 1.5MM and 2MM (these look more like rounded wires).

Omega doesn’t fit well?

When your choker doesn’t fit well, it’s usually because you have the wrong length.

You’ll know it doesn’t look right, because the omega will keep flipping up or twisting on your neck. The slider or charm (pendant) that’s hanging on it tends to flip up as well and point straight out or backwards.

It’s annoying.

Women get very frustrated with this dumb look.

Length matters:

Since length makes such an issue with how omegas lay, let’s take a closer look at them…

Common lengths for an omega chain are 16″ and 18″. You can also find 20″ and odd sizes like 17″ as well. But length really depends on the size of your neck first.

Some women have skinny, bony, thin necks and can wear a very short chain. Other women have thicker (or what I like to call healthier) necks and need a 18″ or 20″ chain. The funny thing is, it’s not the size of your neck that’s causing the problem. It’s the length of the chain and where it falls on your body that’s the issue.

How to find the perfect length:

To find the perfect length for your omega chain or any choker chain, take your finger and put it at the top of your rib cage. There’s a flat bone that’s fused in the center of your ribs at the top called the sternum.

You’ll notice where this is, because it’s directly under that little curved indentation of your throat. This little dip and bump is why your chain doesn’t fall right. It hits these valleys and mountains and tends to flip up and turn.

You have to overcome this problem by having your chain lay a little bit longer.

You want the bottom of your omega chain to fall over the sternum. This will give it a nice flat surface to lay upon.

Likewise if you have a slider or charm on your chain, you’ll want that to lay on top of your sternum as well. This will keep your slider from jutting out and looking awkward. Laying it over the sternum will keep it hanging straight down and looking pretty.

Some examples of sliders are pictured below:

Omega Sliders!

Omega chains are absolutely beautiful and make a very dramatic and stunning look. But they are also very fragile

You have to be careful with them.

Don’t get them caught on your sweater or clothing and whatever you do, don’t sleep with them on. Sleeping with your omega chain on is the number one way to kink and ruin your chain.

Omegas are very expensive:

They usually cost $600 and up for the 6MM in 14k gold.

The sad thing is, if you damage or kink or bend your chain, it’ll be almost impossible to fix. Bent chains will never look the same again, and will always be loose in that area and prone to kink again. So be very, very careful with them (don’t let your kids pull on them).

Plus, learn how to choose the right slider for your chain too.

A good slider will have a big enough opening (bail) or loop, so it’ll clip over, or slide on your chain easily and loosely.

It shouldn’t fit snug, and it shouldn’t catch on the edges of the chain either. Make sure it rides freely back and forth and doesn’t twist or kink the links.

Having your choker fitted properly for your neck is a sure way to help protect it. It won’t be sticking up or twisting all over the place, which makes it less of a target to get caught and yanked.

Add variety:

If you want a little variety in your look, you can always buy different types of sliders or hangers for it also. The styles and designs are limitless.

Gemstone favorites for women have been black onyx, blue topaz, tanzanite and of course diamond!

You can never go wrong with diamond.

You’ll have fun choosing the perfect stone for YOU!

Plus, you can also get different varieties of omegas…

Some are very smooth, some are more flexible than others. Some are made with rose gold which gives it a very distinct look. Some have alternating links of tri-gold. Some have a satin finish or diamond cuts on them (see top picture).

They even sell really cool two-tone omegas. That’s 14k yellow gold on one side, and if you flip it over, it’s 14k white gold on the other. Very awesome and versatile!

That way you can either wear the yellow gold side or white gold side. And if you buy a two-tone slider, you can wear it with either side and it’ll look great.

Omega chains are elegant, royal and beautiful.

With all the different styles available, with all the different lengths and MM sizes, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect chain for you.

Just make sure you have the jeweler fit your omega properly and you’ll end up with a perfect chain, and a perfect look.

Cheers! :)

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