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how to choose the right diamond carat weight

Choose Wisely…

When you’re purchasing a diamond engagement ring, how do you know what carat weight to buy?

To answer that, you’d be surprised, because there are a lot of things to consider.

So let’s talk carat weight, and choosing the proper size… Because you don’t want to look cheap, nor do you want to go broke either.

What’s a Decent Size?

What may be a decent size for you, may not be decent for the next guy… A lot comes into play: Finances, personality, priorities, and her, of course.

So in no particular order…

Let’s dive into carat weight and how if affects the big purchase.

First off…

It’ll Cost you an Arm and a Leg

Yes, it can.

But only if you let it.

Before you jump and spend $8,000 on a diamond ring, stop and seriously look at your finances.

If you can’t Budget it, Don’t Buy it!

Buying a ring should be obtainable, affordable, and comfortable to you, and your pocket book.

And, as we all know, the bigger the carat weight, the more substantial the price.

Diamonds and carat weight tend to not only double when they get larger, but often, triple and quadruple in cost.

So going from a half carat, all the way up to a full carat, is quite a hefty leap

compare half carat diamond price to one carat

So look at your finances and really be honest with yourself. If you can afford a diamond that’s thousands of dollars, fine, perfect! But if you can only scrounge up 1 grand, then stick to your guns and don’t sway. It’ll only get you in trouble later on.

Set a budget, and work with it!

The Average Carat Weight

The average carat weight is only 38 points (.38 carats). That’s not large! It’s all because diamonds are expensive, and the bigger they get, the more rare and valuable they become.

So the average weight is in between 1/3 and 1/2.

(And the average color and clarity, G-H, SI1, would put you into a diamond like this: .38 SI1, G-H Round Diamonds.)

As seen below…

average 38 carat round diamond

Keep in mind, that the “dream diamond“, the carat weight that every women truly wants, is really a 1.00 carat!

But that’s the DREAM!

And that’s also something you can upgrade to later on in life… After you have your dream career, and your dream home, and your dream carRight?

Stick with the average carat weight. It’ll save you a lot of money, and keep you from going bankrupt!

Break the Carat Weight up!

A really good trick, is to break that carat weight up!

If she wants a 1.00 carat diamond ring, which is 100 points, then purchase a ring that has multiple stones (instead of just one), that TOTAL 1.00 all together.

This is a great way to CHEAT! You end up getting her the carat weight she wants, and you still can keep the price down!

Compare the Rings below:

break up the diamond carat weight

Big Eye Opener, isn’t it?

Next up…

Make the Diamond look BIGGER!

Let’s say you want to buy her a 38 point diamond

On a thin solitaire ring, it’s not a very big look.


If you surround that diamond with a sparkling halo of stones, then suddenly, that small stone looks HUGE!

It transforms that diamond into something impressive and flashy.

Compare the two rings below…

make the diamond look bigger


Cut a few points off the carat weight, and you’ll save a lot of green backs!

It’s called “Buying Shy”!

But it’s actually just a “lighter” carat weight. One UNDER the mark

Which means, instead of buying a 1.00 carat diamond, buy 93 points instead. You’ll save a ton of dough, and still achieve the same appearance. This is because it’s very difficult to tell the difference of a couple of points with the bare eye.

Compare the Stones below…

buy shy carat weights

See, they all face up the same!

Cause you got Personality…

What type of person is she?

Does she wear big, chunky rings and jewelry? Or does she wear little, itty-bitty rings and gemstones?

Some girls like dainty stuff, some like HONKERS… You have to observe to decide.

Which also means… Don’t buy a mounting that’s a thin band if she likes thick rings. And don’t buy her a cigar band if she wears microscopic rings either…

It’s all about what she wears, what type of person she is, and what she likes

So Pay Attention!

See what she wears now. It’ll help you choose what type, size, style and design of ring to buy.

The Diamond Shape!

Believe it or not, but the shape of the stone can really help the carat weight too…

For most fancy shaped diamonds (every shape other than round) LOOK BIGGER!

They visually appear bigger than a round stone (even though round is the most popular shape).

save on fancy cut diamonds

If you choose a princess cut, oval cut, marquise cut, emerald cut, pear cut or cushion cut… You’ll get a BIGGER look, and SAVE some money!

Fancy cuts generally are CHEAPER than the round brilliant cut stone.

Plus, if you really want to save a lot of mula

Pick the Cushion Cut!

Cushion cut diamonds are beautiful, and normally about HALF the price!


The price of a round stone, as compared to a cushion cut, is insane

Compare the two Stones below…

compare round diamond to cushion cut prices


Keep in mind that you usually can get a better deal if you PAY IN CASH!

Plus, you won’t have to finance it, or pay any of those absurd interest charges either.



  • Make sure they have a 100% full money back return guarantee
  • Make sure you get the ring fully insured (home owners or renter’s policy)
  • Don’t get the ring sized! Wait until she gets it, otherwise it could VOID the policy!
  • And always Buy GIA! (The Best there is!)

Just like these Spectacular Diamonds HERE:

Cushion Cut DEALS

excellent cushion cut diamonds

Cheers! :)

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