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How To Get A Job At A Jewelry Store

I get asked all the time “How do I get a Job at a Jewelry Store?

What Training do I Need? Do I Have to go to College? Is a Degree Needed? What Requirements are Necessary?

And to be Truthful with you, the Answer is: NONE! Zilch! Nada!

You need No Real Training, No Schooling, No Degrees or Certifications to Qualify! Nothing!

You just need to be yourself!

If you look Professional. Have the Right Attitude and Demeanor. If you have the Natural Ability to Chat (Rapport) with people (some call it the knack of Bullshiting). If you learn Fast and can learn about Diamonds, Gems and Metals… You’ll do just fine!

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to be able to sell! :)

Seriously! I started out in the Jewelry Industry (1989) over 23 years ago. And when I started, I knew nothing about Jewelry. Well, almost nothing…

You see, I was Smart when I went in for my Interview. I did my Homework and Studied up the weekend before. I Memorized all the Birthstones for all the Months. I did a Quick Read on the Basics of Diamonds (called the 4 C’s). I learned a little about Gold, White Gold and Platinum (We didn’t have Titanium or Stainless Steel in Stores back then).

I also did one more HUGE, HUGE Trick that helped me land my first Sales Job. I Drove to Barnes & Noble (lol there was no ONLINE) and Bought a book on Sales. Zig Ziglar’s “Secrets of Closing the Sale”. It may be an old Book, but it taught me Tons of Tricks to Selling. I read this book 3 times through. I highlighted everything that hit home with me (the highlights are almost invisible now). Here’s an Example of the Famous “I’m Just Looking” that we all get…

Zig Ziglar I'm Just Looking Secret

It sank in. It worked! I understand why people automatically say that line… that wall that goes up. I know it’s the first thing to overcome…

Once you get in and start up a Nice Casual Conversation, you start showing Jewelry and Selling…

Features & Benefits

I learned that for every “Feature” you tell people about a certain item, you need to back up that Feature up with a “Benefit“. A, “What’s in it for me?“.

i.e. Feature: This Necklace has a 14k Gold Lobster Claw.

Benefit: That way it will be Durable, Not Pull Open, and you won’t Lose your Expensive Diamond Pendant“.

You Follow it up with the Reason that matters to them. It’s Brilliant! (Thanks to Zig!)

His book taught me all that. I learned that you have to Overcome People’s Objectives and Rejections. People say “NO” 7 times before they ever say “YES“. This is SO true!

I learned how to Close a Sale and to this day, many, many years later, I still feel like it’s my Best Technique. :)

Closing the Sale!

You have to Lead the Sale and Ask for the Close. Some of my Favorite Lines are “Would you like to Wear this out, or do you want me to Box it?” The Funny thing is, the Customer hasn’t even said they’d take the item yet. I’m not Forcing them into making that tough “Yes” or “No” Decision. I’m Maneuvering around the Topic and still getting to the Finish Line.

I do that with Financing as well. “Before you Decide, how about we Run a Credit Check just to see what your Credit Limit would be…”

If they say “Okay”, the Deals Pretty Much Done. All that’s left is “Sign on the Dotted Line“.

Another example: “Why don’t I see if the Jeweler can set the Stone Right now so you can Surprise her?” See how Smooth and Natural that Sounds?

Zig Ziglar’s the Man!

He really did give me the Confidence and the Ability to Sell. Before that, I never Sold a thing. I didn’t think I had it in me. I learned I was a Pro at it and that it just came Natural once I learned the Tricks… and got Experience! :)

One Book Changed my Life!

So that day, when I went in and interviewed, I talked to them about Jewelry and Sales. I asked them Questions and Impressed them with my Quick Knowledge. It showed them that I was Serious and had the urge to learn and to Educate myself. I haven’t stopped yet!

Within 6 months of being hired in full time (I was originally just hired in as Part Time Christmas help – Fooled them!), I had Studied so much about Jewelry that I became Certified in both Diamonds and Gems. Back then, they would Pay for you to take Certification Courses, so I took advantage of this Opportunity!

A couple of months later I was Promoted to Assistant Manager, and one year after that, I was running my own Store.

And you know what? Anyone can follow in my Footsteps.

I’m the type of person (obsessive) that wants to know Everything I can about a Subject. I Dive in. I Teach myself. I know that Professors, Mentors and Books can only Teach you so much. If you really want to Learn and Excel in Life, you have to Push yourself. You have to take action.

Actions = Results!

I did that. And it’s the Best Decision I could have ever made. I Love this Profession and I never get tired from Talking about it, Teaching it, or Learning more. It’s a True Passion!

So you really don’t need any Experience, although it will probably help you get an interview. That, and a Great Smile! :)

Having a little Sales Background isn’t bad, but many Jewelers Don’t Like to Hire People that are “Set in their Ways”. They like to Train them how they want them to Sell. It all comes down to Desire.

You also have to have a Thick Skin. You’ll be hearing a lot of “NOs“!

If you find a Position that also Pays “Commissions” or “Incentives“, Great. Go for it! It will help you Push yourself to become a Better Seller. Give you Bigger Targets to Aim for.

Know your Product

But no matter what, Know your Product. Learn all about the Gems they Sell. Learn all about Diamonds. Diamonds are the Big Key to Making Good Money. To Sell Diamonds, you need Confidence. And Confidence comes with Knowing your Product. You can’t Hesitant. You can’t Stop every 2 Seconds and go Ask Questions… You need to know it. You need to Read, Study, learn all you can. Really understand the Main Topics: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Certification. It makes all the difference in the World!

One more huge thing that I learned early on… Keep your Boss’s Boss off your Boss’s Butt! It’s true! If you make your Boss look good, Karma happens. They’ll Love you, Train you, and Help Promote you. Is this Kissing the Boss’s Ass? No! It’s getting you Promoted so you MAKE MORE MONEY! Is that so bad?

Oh, and by all means, do Dress Appropriately. Women wear Business Attire. Men, wear a Suit and Tie. Really! You’re Dealing with items that Cost Thousands and Thousands of Dollars… Look the part! Don’t even go in Wearing Jeans and Tennis Shoes to an Interview… Why Bother! You do want a Job don’t you?

And one last thing…

Wear a Red Tie!

Red Ties are Power Ties! They mean Business!

Now, it’s all up to you!

Good luck! :)

P.S. If you want to know what the Second Book I bought was, it’s Zig Ziglar’s Top Performance! That helped me out even more!

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