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How to Make a Chain Extender Extension

The Theory behind Chain Extenders is Simple; you want to make your Chain or Necklace Longer so you add in a Chain Extender to Lengthen it!

Easy as that!

But is it? It can be! Listen up…

The BEST Way to Extend your Chain is to Buy a Piece of Link Chain about 4″ Long and use that. (Usually Extenders are made to Lengthen only a Couple of Inches)

Order Extra Links!

You can Buy or Order extra Links from most Jewelers. (Prices will vary depending on the Style and Weight of the Links) But most Jewelers will have to order in a Necklace or a Bracelet and have it cut down to work.

You may get lucky though! A lot of Jewelers hang on to Scrap Links of Chain from Previous Alterations they’ve done. They may find something that will work for you. All you have to do is ask!

Buy Another Clasp!

Either way, get the Extra Section of Link that you’re going to need (Links work Best for Adjusting Length) and also Buy another Clasp for it! (It’s almost like making a Small Bracelet) I suggest Buying a Lobster Claw Clasp because Lobsters are Durable and easy to Hook.

And that’s it!

In the example below, you’ll see that I have a 14kt White Gold 4″ Extender with a Medium-sized Lobster Clasp on the end.

Example of a Great Chain Extender

To make this Extender work just attach one end of the Extender to your Chain and then attach the Clasp of your Chain to one of the Links in the Extender! Bingo!

If you want to make your Chain 2″ longer, Hook it in the Middle and let the rest of the Extender Dangle Down. (It’s fine if the Excess Hangs down because it’s usually Hidden under your Hair anyway.) Now if you want your Chain or Necklace to be 4″ longer, just hook your Clasp to the very last Ring. Viola! Simple as Pie and Very Beautiful!

Works like a Charm!

You can Adjust the Length depending on what you’re wearing and what your Neckline is. You don’t have to alter your Chain or Necklace in any way. It’s a Win-Win Situation!

Now I’ll take it one step further and give you some Great Advice for future purchases that will give you a very versatile Chain.

Buy the Chain you desire in a Longer Length to begin with! Buy it Longer and have it Cut into 2 sections. So if you want a 20″ Chain for example, buy a 24″ Chain instead. Have it cut down into a 20″ and use the left over 4″ as the Extender! AHA!

That’s a Light-Bulb Moment!

This trick does a couple of wonderful things… It will make finding an Extender easier, it makes it Cheaper (no special orders, ordering in a Bracelet and having it cut down, and a 24″ Chain won’t be too much more costly than a 20″ Chain), and it will look like it Belongs with your Chain since it’s the Same Exact Style of Links. Which is very important because it’s almost impossible to Match Links and Color of Chain later. If you do it when you purchase your Chain it’ll be a perfect match. Just make sure they put on a Matching Clasp as well so it looks the same as the Chain Clasp.

Buy a Matching Bracelet

Now another trick that some Women do is just to Buy a Matching Bracelet (Usually 7″). They use that as the Extender. It allows you to make your Chain even longer, and when you’re not wearing the Extender it can be worn as a Bracelet! Great Accessory!

Like I said, Extenders work BEST when they’re Link Chains. This gives your Clasp something to hook on to.

P.S. You can buy some Great Necklace or Bracelet Extenders from Amazon here! :)

But what do you do when your Chain or Necklace isn’t a Link Chain? Say it’s a Rope Chain, what then? Good Question!

You make a Link Extender anyway!

(Those Links are needed to give you various lengths to choose from.) If you don’t care about Different Lengths (Say you only want it 4″ longer at all times) then it doesn’t matter much. Just Buy a Matching Chain, put a Clasp on one end, a Jump Ring on the other and you’re done!

Link Extenders can be any Style of Link

Small, Medium, Heavy, they all work great as long as they’re Durable enough and the Clasp can Easily Hook into them. Just make sure it’s Strong enough to hold your Pendant or Charm. You don’t want to lose it!

I would also recommend buying an Extender in both White Gold and Yellow Gold so you can wear them with all your different Necklaces regardless of Metal or Color.

Extenders are simple, they look Great and they give you that versatile extra couple of inches that will not only Extend your Chain, but Extend your Jewelry Wardrobe as well.

So why Buy a new Necklace? Extend it!

Now if we could only Extend Diamonds the same way, then we’d all be in Great Shape!

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