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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
How to Make your Diamond Look Larger!

If you already have a diamond, or are out shopping for a diamond engagement ring, then there are some secrets you may want to know.

Things like:

How to make your diamond look bigger and larger than it really is.

Or as Paris Hilton said:

“It’s Huge!”

(Unlike Trump saying “YUGE!”)

Believe it or not, there are a lot of things you can do to achieve this look. If you want to learn how to make your diamond, or any diamond appear larger, then let’s begin…

Ten secrets:

I call these the 10 secret ways to making a diamond look larger

But the truth is, they’re not that secret… Most of these points are pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how most people don’t know of these. And with this little knowledge, comes a bigger looking diamond.

The first 3 steps won’t help you much if you’ve already bought your diamond (because you can’t change cut, color, or clarity) but the last 7 steps certainly will apply.

Here’s the list… ENJOY!

The top ten secret ways to make a diamond look bigger:

1) Spread Stones

Spread stones are stones that appear larger than they really are. Spread stones, or in this case, spread diamonds, sacrifice quality and cut just to give the impression that they’re bigger. A 1.00 carat diamond will actually look like it’s 1.20 carats.

Now trust me, I don’t recommend these types of stones, I always try to push better cuts, but the fact is, these diamonds are on the market, and they are what they are…

Diamonds that are spread are pretty popular and a lot of mainstream jewelers are selling them like hot cakes. Just as long as you know that they are spread and don’t mind, then no big deal. Spread stones are diamonds that are more shallow, and because of this, they look larger because the mass is wider. Spread diamonds will often lose light and brilliance and sparkle. The light actually gets leaked out the bottom of the diamond.

But the upside to spread diamonds is that the diamond will look humongous.

Compare an ideal cut diamond with a spread diamond and you’ll quickly see the difference.

It’s BIG!

Proceed with caution.

You get what you pay for. Spread diamonds can also be more prone to chipping and breaking because the diamond girdle is normally thin.

Buyer Beware!

Do you really want to sacrifice quality? The best point about spread stones is this… They are usually way cheaper than other diamonds because they are not so ideal.

2) Eye-Clean Inclusions

Getting a diamond with a better clarity (hopefully one with no eye-visible inclusions), will make your diamond appear bigger because more light can enter the stone. And more light equals more sparkle.

Clean stones, or less included diamonds, help make any diamond look bigger and better.

3) White Diamonds

Buying a diamond in the D-E-F color range (like these diamonds HERE) will make your diamond look larger than it really is.

Pure white diamonds (the best color range in the world) will make a diamond look like there’s a spot light on it. It will be big and bright and shine like crazy. White diamonds always appear larger than diamonds that have color (like I-J-K and L), especially when that color is yellow.

4) No Bezels

Bezel settings are horrible to a diamond’s size.

Bezel settings are where a wall of metal encircles your diamond’s edge and bends over the top of it making your diamond look smaller. Sometimes 10-30% smaller depending on the size and thickness of the bezel. All bezel set diamonds will look smaller.

So unless you are really bent upon the protection that bezels bring over regular prongs, then I would advise skipping bezel settings.

5) Prongs NOT Baskets

Diamonds set in prong heads will make your diamond look bigger. And the basic reason is this: prongs lift your diamond up, while baskets drop your diamond lower into the mounting.

Basket heads are pretty, have more metal, and are usually only used for gemstones. Prongs are much better for a bigger looking diamond.

6) 4 Prongs NOT 6

6 prong heads cover up a lot more of your diamond. 6 prongs block more light from entering the diamond. 4 prong heads are much cleaner, more elegant, less gaudy and let more light in which helps make your diamond shine.

7) Set it up High

A diamond that sits low in the mounting looks small. If you set your diamond in a regular sized head (which is normally always a tall head) it will look bigger and let more light in. Low heads drop the diamond down (even though it protects them more), but it makes it blend into the mounting and gets lost.

8) White Gold Mountings

Now this can be a very controversial subject, because some will say the color of the mounting won’t change the size of a diamond, but I would say that it really all comes down to opinion.

Generally a diamond set into a white gold mounting will make the diamond look larger.

This is because the mounting adds no color in to the stone. Diamonds tend to pick up some hues and body tones reflected off the mounting. If that tone is yellow gold, then it will make your diamond look yellow as well (which is also why prong heads are usually made out of white gold).

Yellow diamonds look smaller, white diamonds look larger.

9) Thin Mountings

If you set your diamond in a thinner mounting, then your diamond will look bigger.

Setting a diamond on a wide mounting will over-power your diamond, lose it in the setting, and make it look smaller. That’s why the standard Tiffany style engagement ring (which is a simple thin band) is the best style of engagement ring there is. Simple, elegant and it makes your diamond get noticed.

10) Keep it Clean

Dirty diamonds appear to shrink.

Ladies that don’t clean their diamonds are not doing their diamonds any justice.

(You would never wear your clothes over and over again without cleaning them.)

Tons of stuff gets caked onto stones: hand lotions, soaps, perfumes, dust and dirt tend to block light from entering your diamond.

When diamonds look dirty and dark, they look small and dull.

So clean your diamond often, like every other day. Buy yourself an ultrasonic cleaner, or a steam cleaner, and get those DIAMONDS CLEAN!

Clean it with hot water, ammonia and dish soap, whatever… dab at it with an old toothbrush to remove gunk underneath the diamond.

Doing this will keep your diamond looking bigger, brighter and larger than life.

Clean diamonds look brand new everyday. And that’s HUGE.


When I told my friend about this post she said that the number one way to get a larger looking diamond is this:

“Get a new husband!”


Cheers! :)

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