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Keep Your Rings From Spinning

So many people have this problem.

Your Rings Tilt Sideways on your Fingers!

They never sit up right. They’re always Leaning over or Spinning around (like your Drunk Uncle Tom).

You’re constantly Straightening your Rings to the upright Position. Isn’t there a Cure for Spinning Rings? Can’t they make a Ring that sits Straight on your Finger?

It’s Because they’re Top Heavy!

Most Rings NEVER sit right. That’s because most Rings are Top Heavy. With all the major Weight on top holding your Gemstones and Diamonds, like Heads, Prongs and Stones, your Rings will just naturally fall to the side.

Plus, if you have a Skinny Finger where there is still room in between your Finger and the Ring, that’ll cause them to Spin also. Some People can’t get their Rings sized down to help the matter because they have Bigger Knuckles.

So what’s the Cure?

Gold Balls. Gold Beads. Sizing Balls. Sizing Beads. Lot’s of people call them different things, but they are all the same.

They are little Round Balls of Gold that they put on the inside of your Ring. Jeweler’s Solder these two Beads Permanently inside your Ring, one on each side of your finger where the Folds of your skin go. (See Picture) They rest on the bottom of the Shank and because your Finger’s Malleable, you’ll never know they’re there.

Women Love Them!

I always think that they would hurt, but I tell you, Women swear by them. They hold your Ring in place like they’re supposed to. The Beads catch your Skin and Stop your Rings from Spinning! Women say they have no problems with them. They say they’re very Comfortable and LOVE them.

Do Gold Balls Really Work?

YES! If you’re tired of having your Rings and Diamonds laying Sideways on your Finger, put these Beads into your Band and you’ll never have a Tipping Problem again

Unless you’re Uncle Tom!

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