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How to Wheel and Deal on Jewelry and Diamond Prices

Here’s a secret you may not know:

Jewelers love to wheel and deal on jewelry.

Really? Yes! They do!

It’s the thrill of the sale. It’s in their blood.

That’s why they’re always trying to lure you through the doors with incredible 50% off sales and awesome jewelry contests.

They love to bargain!

All salespeople do.

But, before I go on, I should point out that not all jewelers deal. Most mall jewelry stores and larger corporate jewelers can’t touch the predetermined prices. Their corporate headquarters usually set the prices and that’s all the stores are authorized to sell them for. These types of stores are very hard to wheel and deal with.

Here’s how to get the lowest prices:

Find yourself an independent jeweler.

Independent jewelers are usually in the unique position to barter on price. Independent jewelers and mom and pop stores buy the diamonds and jewelry themselves. They know what they paid for it, what the cost is, and what they can afford to sell it for.

You can actually make a deal with the boss.

Independent jewelers are normally more hungry for a sale.

They need to turn their inventory over quickly just to keep the bills paid and vendors happy. This is good for the customer, because jewelers will do what it takes to close a sale.

They don’t want anyone to walk.

If you’re truly interested in a piece of jewelry, they’ll find a way to make it happen.

Whether it’s knocking another 5 or 10% off the price, or throwing in the tax. Some will throw in labor costs involved with the sizing and setting fees. Some will throw in guarantees and jewelry service plans. They will sweeten the pot and make that deal.

I’ve seen jewelers sell things below cost before!

I know it’s crazy, but if it’s a diamond ring that’s been in the showcase for years, believe me, they’re going to want to let it go for whatever they can get.

How can you get a good deal?

So what can you do to guarantee the lowest prices on the market? Put your money where your mouth is…


Bring greenbacks.

Money talks.

Tell them you’ll pay them cash right here, right now (so they won’t have to finance it or pay credit card processing fees), and offer them a grand less than what they offered you.

Most jewelers will hesitate, but take the deal. They may want to barter back and forth a bit, but if you pull out cash and start counting, there’s a good chance the jeweler will cave and say “OKAY!

Just be warned, that if you put the deal on the line, and the jeweler accepts it, you better be prepared to purchase it. There’s no turning back now.

And please do offer a fair price…

Don’t try to screw the jeweler, because they’ll just laugh you out the door.

Make it reasonable and the temptation will be too much.

So if you want to save money, bring cash-CASH.

That way, you’ll always end up getting the lowest prices on jewelry, and that’s the best deal ever!

Cheers! :)

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