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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Number 1 Best Selling Engagement Rings

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Huge Diamond Huge Deal

It’s HUGE!!!

A huge diamond, with an even bigger deal.

It’s a 2 carat round diamond (actually 2.04 carats), with an I1 clarity, and an H color.

But for an I1 (which has eye visible flaws), it faces up really, really well. This is because the visible flaws are white inclusions, versus black carbon spots (as seen in the window below). It makes the diamond look so much better (and with a much better discount).

Take a peek:

Huge Diamond Huge Deal

See, it faces up really nice and has a nice white color (fine white).

But what makes this diamond even more impressive is the “excellent” cut, “excellent” polish, and “excellent” symmetry grades. It makes this diamond sparkle like crazy and dance in the light (you can see this yourself by going to James Allen and spinning the stone around).

Plus, it’s GIA certified, and has no fluorescence.


And with a price tag of under 10 grand ($8,880 at the time of this post), it’s one diamond that will sell FAST!

So if you’re in the market for a huge diamond, and don’t want to pay a huge price, pick up this diamond today.

And if that stone is sold, check out these other similar diamonds here.

Cheers! :)

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