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Huge Princess Cut Diamond Cheap Price

It’s HUGE!

Really it is. Not only is it huge in carat weight, this princess cut diamond weighs 1.51 carats


Just the fact that it’s princess cut (square) will make it look even bigger (much bigger than a round of the same carat weight).

That’s the awesome thing about princess cuts, they look enormous.

And this diamond is not only big, but the price is ultra-cheap for what you get.

It costs only $4,790

Take a peek…

(1.51 princess cut diamond, SI2, F)

SI2 clarity means:

It has small inclusions in the stone… But the great thing is, these imperfections are white (versus black carbon spots), so they’ll blend in with the stone and make them much harder to see. You’ll probably need a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe

Most diamonds above 1 carat are lower in clarity because they are so rare. SI2 is a wonderful clarity that faces up well and makes the stone so affordable.

F in color:

F color is stunning. It’s a pure white diamond that lacks any color whatsoever. No yellow, no brown, no grey… Just a bright white that looks like a spotlight.

And the rest…

It has very good polish, very good symmetry, no fluorescence, and won’t last long.

Usually diamonds this size, that appear this well, sell within a day.

They fly off the shelves.

So if you’re thinking about a huge, huge diamond, that looks brilliant, pure-white, and cheap, this is your stone.

And if that’s sold already…

Then check out these other similar quality princess cut diamonds here.

Cheers! :)


  1. Very nice!! Although I realize the magnification of their stones is something like 40X, and anything I see there is highly unlikely to show up to the naked eye, I can still see black spots in it, and I think it would bug me just knowing they were there! But, that’s just me. Maybe those are facet reflections or something, but they are still there. Somehow I doubt it though, since similar “spots” aren’t showing up in other stones with better clarity? Can you see the ones I mean? If you divide the table facet in equal quarters, there are curved “marks” in the bottom outer corners of each. Almost too symmetrical to be inclusions, right? No?

    IDK – but I DO know nothing like that is showing up in THIS beauty!

    But, for just a little more money, there’s always THIS one! Perfection! It’s not quite as big, but it’s only missing about 20 points, and for its fire, and perfect clarity, I doubt they would be missed!

    (This is very odd. In the time it took me to find the first one I linked, copy the link, come here and write the comment and paste the link, and go back to the JA page, six of the seven stones I had on my search results completely disappeared!! I went back to that page, and it suddenly reloaded itself, and poor! They just disappeared into nowhere and left me with the one stone I linked to here! There was one perfect stone that was 1.5ct, and a little over $25,000, that I was going to put here instead of the second one I ended up posting. I even hit my back button, and the page acted like it was going to reload with the seven originals, but kept defaulting to just the one. I even reloaded all the criteria, (the size wont go bigger than 1.5 ct,) and still, they were all gone! Think they got bought up that quickly? SIX diamonds? All at once? Very weird!)

    • Hi Shari. Those black spots are so minute, and so low in the pavilion that I doubt you would ever see them. And, it also looks like it’s maybe just one inclusions that’s repeated around the base (the reflections look similar). Being so small, and so down in the stone, it wouldn’t be anything you’d probably ever see. :) Those other stones are nice, just double the price. And maybe they refresh their inventory at a certain time of day? (Like when all the credit cards go through the system and get approved??) Who knows. I do know that really good diamonds sell very fast, usually quicker than I can post. -Richard

  2. Yeah – you’re probably right about the reflections. They looked a little too symmetrical to be real, but there they are, just the same! I’m sure that being so magnified there, they would likely never show up in “real life,” but I’ve always been a little “OCD” about stuff like that, having been raised for most of my early life by a perfectionist who was/is never satisfied with ANYTHING not absolutely perfect, and it drives me insane sometimes – it really does! I try not to be that way, and most times I succeed, but sometimes it just “gets me,” ya know?

    Anyway, thanks for being “the voice of reason” as it were. I’m sure you’re right.

    As for the “disappearing diamonds” trick, that’s probably true too! I hadn’t thought about the clearing credit cards and all that, but since I’ve never HAD any (purely by choice – I LOVE that my mailbox isn’t full of more bills than we can easily manage, most of the time, anyway!) other than a couple of very limited store cards (which we don’t have any more, also by choice) I guess not having enough experience looking for that sort of thing would tend to color my view of such things. It was just quite odd to see! I mean, I figure with Valentine’s Day coming up in a couple of weeks, I can see where they would be awfully busy right about now, but six out of seven specific stones to just go “POOF!” like that all at once was just quite odd!

    Weekend is coming up soon – have a great one!

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