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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

I Can Make Any Diamond Sound Good

It really is a Scary Thing to think about…

I (As well as Any Jewelry Salesperson) can make Any Diamond Sound GOOD!

ANY Diamond!

Any Quality!

Any Cut, Color, Clarity or Carat Weight!


For there’s always something about a Diamond that’s GOOD. And so we Push that Aspect and use it to our Advantage to Sell a Stone.

It’s what Salespeople do

Because, let’s face it, many Diamonds are NOT the Greatest, most of them are Average Joes that need a little Help.

That’s how Nature Works, and that’s how Sales Work.

They go Hand in Hand

Nature is Not Perfect, and when Man gets involved, it’s Really Not Perfect!

So most Diamonds will have both Strengths and Weaknesses to them. It’s actually Rare and Quite Expensive to find a Stone that has the Best of Everything.

So as Salespeople (no matter what they’re Selling – Cars, Boats, Houses, Water Purifiers, Diamonds), we have to Concentrate on the Best Features and Downplay the Worst!

And You Know What?

Customers already know this! They aren’t Dumb. They GET it!

Diamond Sales Presentation

SO no matter what the Quality of the Diamond is, we highlight the Strengths more than anything.

Whether it be a Low Color that can be “Hid in a Yellow Mounting”, or a Highly Included Diamond that’s “Not Very Noticeable” because of the Smaller Size… I have to make it Sellable.

Because somewhere, some how, someone will want this Particular Diamond IF they Believe the Quality justifies the Price.

And sometimes the Quality doesn’t matter in the Least. Many times it is all about Price.

“What Will It Cost Me?”

What Will The Diamond Cost Me

That’s what most Customers want to know.

And those people are the Easiest to Sell, because they’ll take just about any Quality as long as the Diamond is Big and the Price is Right.

It’s all about the Savings!

So there’s a Diamond for Everybody in Every Budget.

For Example:

Take this Diamond I Found on James Allen for Example (Which was Such a Deal that it SOLD before I could even Finish Writing this Post).

This Diamond is an I1, K Color Diamond. Which is about the Lowest Clarity and Color you can Find on the Market. See the Diamond Below…

101 K I1 Very Good AGS Certified Diamond

This Stone may seem like a Tough Diamond to Sell. After all, it has Eye-Visible Inclusions in the Stone, and it does have a Yellow Hue

Impossible to Sell?


This Diamond could and would Sell in a Heart Beat (And DID), and I wouldn’t side step the Quality in the Least. I’d Tackle it Head on

So let’s do that…

Let’s Dive into what Could be a Real Diamond Presentation, just so you can See and Hear exactly what I’d Say…

Diamond Presentation

(I would Show you the Loose Diamond in Tweezers First, and then pull out my Diamond Quality Chart so you can see what I’m Referring to…)

This Diamond is an I Clarity Diamond (I would Point this out on the Chart). I Clarity means that it does have Visible Inclusions in the Stone that you can see just by looking at the Diamond (I would then Show you the Diamond Plot on the AGS Certificate, so you can see the Flaws I’m talking about).

AGS Diamond Plot

“But the Good Thing is, it’s I1 Clarity, which is at the High End of the I Clarity Range, and the Inclusions that are in the Stone are Broken up into Smaller Imperfections instead of One Big Huge Black Spot that is Easy to See.

“The Inclusions that are in this Stone tend to Blend into the Stone very well (and they do), so Unless you really look for them, or have them Pointed out to you, you’d probably never see them!

“Plus (I’d Continue), the Cut of this Diamond is ‘Very Good‘, which is about the Highest Cut Grade possible for a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

Diamond Cut Is Very Good

“It also has ‘Very Good‘ Symmetry and an ‘Ideal‘ Polish as well, which all Help the Diamond Sparkle and Shine like Crazy!

(I would show them the AGS Diamond Certificate and then Tilt the Stone in the Light so they’d see it Flash Light and Fire)

“The Color Is K”

(I’d go on…)

“K Color is a little bit Lower on the Diamond Color Chart, but because the Diamond is Cut ‘Very Good‘, those Sparkles and Scintillation will Help Brighten and Whiten the Stone so that the Color is Not so Obvious (True True).

“Plus, many people like a Diamond that has a little ‘Warmth‘, and if you set this Stone into a Yellow Gold Mounting, you won’t even notice the Color in the Stone (true again).

Yellow Mountings Hide Diamond Color

“And there’s TWO other Features that make this Diamond a Killer DEAL!

(Are you seeing how Easy it is to Downplay the Faults?)

“1) This Diamond is OVER 1 Carat, 1.01 to be Exact. So it’s a Large Diamond and the ‘Dream Carat Weight‘, which is the Weight that all Women Want!

“It will look Perfect in any Tiffany Style Engagement Ring, or in a Halo Mounting which will add MORE Sparkle and Brilliance into the Diamond.

“And 2), THE PRICE!

You Can’t Beat The Price!

“The Price of this Stone is CHEAP for a One Carat Diamond. Most One Carats of this Quality Begin at $3,000 – $4,000 (Not Lying), but NOT this Diamond.

This Diamond Sells (Sold) for just $2,320.

“That’s a Steal!”

“It’s a Great Opportunity to Buy a Large Diamond, with a ‘Very Good‘ Cut, Certified by one of the Best Labs in the Country, for a Fraction of the Price.

“Set it in a Tiffany Style Band like this…”

(And I’d show them a Tiffany Style Ring and Hold the Diamond over the Mounting)

Tiffany Style Mountings

“And it would only Cost you another $175.00. That’s the Most Inexpensive Mounting you can Buy for a Big Beautiful Diamond like this.

“So together, this Engagement Ring would Run you $2,500! Which is the Normal Price for a 1/2 Carat Diamond Solitaire.”

(Still Following Me? GOOD!)

I Told you it was a Steal!

“This Diamond won’t last long (it didn’t). Usually Stones like this, that Face-Up and Look Better than they really are, are SOLD within Days (Minutes).

“So What Do You Say?”

Shall we Wrap it up?

Are YOU Sold?

So There You Go…

An Entire Diamond Sales Presentation that Fully Illustrates HOW Selling a Low Quality Diamond can still Sound GOOD!

And Believe me, it is!

All Diamonds have Good Points and Bad. Unless you Want to Spend $17,000+ for the Most Perfect Diamond you can

(Like this Diamond Shown Below)

101 D IF Excellent Cut Round Certified Diamond

Then I’d say, Save the Bucks, Buy the Diamond, and everyone is a Happy Camper.

Including your Pocket Book!

See, knowing about Diamonds and Quality can really Help you Decipher what a Salesperson is Talking about. And keep you from getting Ripped Off!

Because We can Make ANY Diamond Sound Good!

See Some Really GREAT Diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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