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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
New Watch Buying Do's and Dont's

If you’re thinking about buying a brand new Watch as a gift, say for Christmas, an Anniversary or a Birthday, then you need to know these 3 Important DON’TS that can save you a lot of Time, Aggravation and Money!

Here We Go…

1) Don’t get the Watch Sized

2) Don’t Wear the Watch

3) Don’t get the Watch Engraved

Let me go into more detail about these so you fully understand where I’m coming from.

1) Don’t get the Watch Sized!

All too often people want to get the Watch sized so it fits when the person gets the gift. This is a no-no.

Without the person being there, there is no way of knowing the exact size so it all boils down to one thing: A WILD Guess!

Guesses are close, but never accurate.

Don’t Guess!

If you guess and get the Watch sized now, you’ll be back later to get the Watch sized again, and that’s to say that the person likes the Watch you bought them.

Why NOT Size the Watch? It’s not because it only takes a couple of minutes to Size it, but because Sizing a Watch leaves scars. It’s almost impossible to size a watch, either by pins or screws that doesn’t leave a trace. Screws get nicked by screw drivers, sometimes the screwdriver will slip and mar the Watch Links. Sometimes the plating will chip off around the holes and other times the pins and screws get bent, stripped or even lost.

The point is, there will be visible signs that the Watch is not brand new again, which means, if the person doesn’t like the Watch, you can’t return it. The Watch is now nicked up and scratched and considered Used!

So Never Guess!

If the person doesn’t like the Watch you picked out for them, you will want to exchange or return the Watch. But if it’s Sized or Altered, you may not be able to do that.

Take my Advice: Buy the Watch as is. Don’t get it Sized. Bring it back with the person after they get it to get it fitted. Easy as pie!

2) Don’t Wear the Watch!

Don’t wear the Watch? Sounds silly, but let me explain…

Some people are wishy-washy when it comes to telling the truth. Some people get the Watch as a present and don’t have the heart to fess up and say they don’t like it. They’ll wear the Watch for Days or a Week before they finally decide to tell their loved ones that they don’t care for it.

Too late!

If you wear the Watch, even for one day, it will show signs of wear and tear. The links on the bottom of the Watch will get scratched or scraped up. It could get nicked or dented or scuffed. Anything that the Watch comes in contact with that is harder than the Watch will damage it.

Then you try to bring the Watch back to exchange it, but now you can’t because the Watch is worn, used and not sellable.

So tell the person right up front, if you don’t like the Watch or are unsure of it in the least, don’t wear it!

Worn and Scratched Watches can’t be returned or exchanged.

Word to the wise!

3) Don’t get the Watch Engraved!

This is pretty self explanatory after the last two, Don’t get the Watch Engraved!

If the Watch gets engraved (personalized), then it can’t be returned. No one else is going to buy a Watch that has your “names and dates” on the back of it. It won’t happen!

If you get a Watch Engraved (as nice of gesture as it is), then it’s yours to keep!

Enjoy it!

In Summary…

If you buy a Watch for someone as a present, keep it in the box. Don’t throw anything away. You’ll need the Box, Warranty and Receipt if you want to exchange or return the Watch.

If the person likes the Watch, perfect, bring them back in to get the Watch sized and fitted. But if they don’t, let them pick out a new watch or return it all together.

Better safe than sorry!

Doing this will never put you in an awkward spot to hear the Jeweler say “I’m sorry, we can’t take it back!“…

Play it safe and SMART!

Now that’s watching out for your best interest…

Don’t you think?

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