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Are Inclusion Flaws A Bad Omen And Cursed?

“It’s CURSED!”

There has been a long history of diamonds being cursed in the past.

At one point in time, people really did think they would bring bad luck, dark karma, and even death to those who possessed them or worn them.

King Tut

Look at King Tut’s tomb for example. The unfortunate circumstances that followed people whole stole from his grave led to dire and mysterious mishaps. They all perished soon after.

Whether you believe these were coincidences, or believe they were cursed is up to you. Some people have deep rooted beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation. Even today, cultures believe in bad omens, curses and karma.

India’s Flawed Diamonds

Take a look at India… In India, their mythology says that it’s a curse to wear any diamond that’s flawed. They put more significance on clarity than they do cut, color and carat weight.

They say that a diamond should be rid of any inclusions, imperfections or flaws, otherwise their lives and possibly their family’s lives would be harmed or in great danger.

Is this Just?

Will they struggle through life?

If you believe in their ancestors, you will believe this to be true.

But, the real question is:

Can you buy a diamond with no clarity flaws?

It all depends on what you consider a flaw!!!

You see, a diamond not having “flaws” could really mean two totally different things:

1) The diamond clarity is Flawless (the highest GIA rating there is for clarity – Like these diamonds HERE!), and void of any inclusions… or

2) The diamond has flaws, but they are microscopic only and won’t be seen with the bare eye (or unaided eye, you’ll need a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe to see them).

You see, it’s all in the interpretation.

So which one is it?

I’m leaning more towards the second one (an eye-clean diamond). I say this because it’s almost impossible to obtain a diamond with zero flaws.

Really it is.

Do they even exist?

A Flawless diamond can still have a little natural on the side of the stone. So is this truly flawless?

Flawless diamonds only account for 1% of all the diamonds mined in the World today. That’s a very small percentage of diamonds for India to buy.

This means you won’t find very many of them in jewelry stores. Usually Flawless stones are collectors pieces and don’t even hit the market. They are very rare and very expensive.

So just about every single diamond that you come across will have some flaws in them.

Flaws are a given

They do, to some extent or another, they do. Even a totally Flawless diamond is only “flawless” under 10x magnification. Which means, if you up the power, to say 20x or 30x, in all Honesty, you probably would see flaws.

Note: Diamonds are graded using only 10x powered magnification.

So if a Flawless stone is only Flawless under 10x, then what happens to the curse? Is the curse only good under 10x magnification?

Are you following me?

So here’s my advice…

If you are on a mission to find a diamond without flaws… Look into VVS or VS diamonds.

VS and VVS have very, tiny, imperfections in the stone, but they are not visible by viewing the stone. You’ll need a microscope to see them.

So by looking at the stone with your very own eyes, they will appear clean and flawless.

What about SI diamonds?

Now you could get into SI1 diamonds (not SI2), and the inclusions should still be invisible to the eye… But I do know people that have excellent vision and they have been able to see flaws in an SI1 clarity diamond (I can’t – my eyesight isn’t that good).

This is why I say go for VVS or VSJust to be safe.

Any diamond SI2 or lower will absolutely have eye visible flaws in them (cursed). And some of these stones will have huge flaws that are very visible. Like black spots or cracks or fracture lines… Ones that stand out and say “look at me” (like these I1 clarity diamonds here). Not cool! I would pass on those.

Buy VVS or VS (level 1 or 2 doesn’t matter), and you’ll be in good shape.

To the eye, they will have no flaws.

And you know what no flaws means?

No curse! :)

And that sounds great to me. :)

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  1. Richard ~ These “myths” regarding cursed diamonds being the diamonds with flaws in them, started from a time long ago when they didn’t have great equipment for magnifying diamonds, didn’t they?
    I know from a scientific and medical standpoint, that lenses and microscopes have been around for a very long time. But how much of it was put to use in the diamond trade, in India, and when? Usually these types of beliefs come up from a lack of scientific knowledge, not afterwards. So, if that’s the case, would it not make sense to assume that only diamonds with eye visible inclusions would be considered suspect? Would the addition of more advanced technology later have made any changes in that belief system? I don’t know, so I’m asking! I’m thinking perhaps not. Flawed diamonds, whether viewed with or without assistance are still flawed? Or is it only when seen under the same circumstances that occurred when this belief system was established?
    It’s all rather confusing, isn’t it, without more background information?

    • You’re probably onto something there Shari. It makes sense. I also assume that it’s just visible flaws, but I’m not quite that familiar with the culture and how deep their beliefs go when it comes to diamonds. I gather, like most myths, it’s pretty vague and they don’t really give you much substance. We’ll probably never really know. :) -Richard

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