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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Diamond Quality In Writing

Grade Bump?

I’ve often Wrote about the Fact that many Jeweler’s Grade Bump their Diamonds.

They say that the Stone is a VS2 (just as an Example), when in Fact it’s an SI1.

Or, it’s a VVS2 Clarity Diamond, and it turns out that the Diamond Clarity really is VS1 instead!

I Warn People that this “Grade Bumping” can happen with both Clarity AND Color.

A G Colored Diamond could be Sold as an F.

A D Color could really be an E.

This Grade Bump is Legit and LEGAL!


Because Grading Stones is an Educated and Opinionated Guess.

The FTC Allows It!

Ten People could Grade a Particular Stone and you’d get Multiple Opinions on what the Quality and Grades of that Diamond are.

So really, who do you Believe?


This is why I Gently Push People into Buying Certified Diamonds (Diamonds with a Diamond Report).

GIA Certified Diamond!

At least with an Outside Opinion by a Very Credible Source, like GIA or AGS, your Odds of getting the Quality of Stone you’re Paying for is Very Likely. Much, Much Better than just taking the Jeweler’s Word for it!

The Truth is, Many Consumers do just take the Jeweler’s Expertise, Knowledge, and Word. They are the “Experts” after all!

The Quality stated MUST be the Quality Sold! Right?

The Jewelry Store goes so far as to even put that Quality in Writing!

So how can it be Wrong?

If they say it’s a VS2, F Diamond, and they list that on the Receipt, and also give you a Full Appraisal on the Item, then it must be Truthful, RIGHT?

Nope! Not Always!

You Know Why?

Because they know that you’ll Accept the Paperwork, their Word, and their “Good Deal“, and you’ll Never Question it.

You’ll shove the paperwork in a drawer or in your safe and forget about it.

You’ll NEVER Verify the Quality you Bought!


You’ll take what they give you as Factual and you’ll Never Think Twice.

Let me Repeat, just because the Store puts the Quality in Writing doesn’t mean it’s the Truth!

Especially when the FTC says Diamond Quality can be off by One Whole Grade one way or the other.

So a J could really be a K.

An SI2 could really be an I1

Ohhh, that’s why it Cost $1,000 Less than Everyone Else…

Diamond Grade Bumped!

So What Should You Do?

If you want to Buy a Diamond that’s NOT Certified…

Learn about Diamonds First!

Read my Diamond Crash Course eBook!

Microscope the Inclusions. Compare the Stones. If the Price is Much, Much Cheaper than every other Store around, then it should Raise a Red Flag!

If the Diamond is truly what Quality they say it is, it should NOT Sell for Thousands Less than Everyone Else! That Would NEVER Happen! (Unless it’s an Online Store like James Allen who has No Overhead)

There’s a Reason why that Stone is Cheaper:

It’s a Cheaper Cut…

It Lacks Brilliance. The Color or Clarity is Exaggerated. The Diamond has Strong Fluorescence.


And of course, only Buy from a Reputable Jeweler. Check the BBB.

And even if you do Buy from them, still take the Stone to a Gem Appraiser and have them Double Check the Quality (Do this quickly while it’s still within the Return Policy).

Verify what the Jeweler says

Verify the Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

Note that I Suggest a Gem Appraiser Versus just another Jeweler.


Because the other Jeweler will more than likely try to Persuade you into Returning the Diamond and Buying one from them Instead. Competitors do this. They’ll Knock the Ring and say stuff like “It doesn’t look like an SI1 to me” or “You see that Noticeable Flaw, it’s Very, Very Visible” or “We could Sell you a Much Better Diamond for Less!

It’s always a Touchy Topic when you get Competitors Involved to Verify your Purchase. They have something to Gain.

So go to a Gem or Diamond Appraiser instead (look them up in the Phone Book). Someone who does nothing but Grade and Evaluate Diamonds and Gemstones.

They’ll give you an Unbiased Opinion as to what the Stone is and put it all in Writing.

But Seriously…

Your Best Bet still, is to Just Buy Certified Diamonds instead!

Buy a Certified Loose Diamond (GIA or AGS Graded), and have it Mounted after you Purchase it. And even then, still take the time to look Closely at the Diamond.

Microscope the Stone. Verify the Flaws in the Diamond against the Flaws listed on the Diamond Report (Match them up with the Plot)…

Like so…

Match Inclusions To The Diamond Plot!

Compare Stones

Compare the Stone with other Stones in the Same Quality Range, and even Compare them to Grades Higher and Lower. Just to see the Difference!

And if you can, buy a Certified Diamond that’s also Laser Inscribed! (Usually done on Smaller Carat Weights) The Report Number will be Permanently Etched onto the Side of the Girdle. You’ll be able to Loupe this and Verify that this Diamond Matches the Report!

That’s the Best Way to get it in Writing

A Certified Stone will Protect you. Protect your Stone. Protect your Money.

And that’s a Fact!

Certified is the only Way to Go!

Cheers! :)

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