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Is It Safe To Buy A Diamond Online

Every Day someone makes their very first purchase online and every Day a sucker is born.

So the big question is: Should you buy a loose Diamond on the web or will you be ripped off?

People are nervous about buying online, and with good reason too. You’re making a purchase sight unseen.

And when we’re talking about Diamonds, we’re talking about a big purchase, not a little rinky-dink nickel-and-dime sale. Loose Diamonds are a big chunk of change, normally in the 3-8 Thousand Dollar range for a 1 Carat (1.00 CT) Diamond.


So how do you make decisions like this without viewing the product first?

Common sense! Well, common sense and a little faith.

The only two Jewelers that I would recommend buying from online are Blue Nile and James Allen. Check out some Diamond Deals from James Allen here:

.50, VVS2, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $2,070 VIEW
.75, VS1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $4,250 VIEW
1.03, VS1, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $8,690 VIEW

I’ll make it easy for you. Or you could hunt around for weeks looking at all the Flashy Jeweler’s Websites (there are literally thousands to choose from). After a while, they all start to look alike.

Prices vary, Quality varies, you get Confused and Sucked into the Crazy Game of nit-picking a Diamond to Death.

Every single Diamond Detail… things like: I Clarity, Good Inclusions, Color, Diamond Girdle Thickness, Fluorescence, Angles, Shallowness, Diamond Chips and Cracks, Graphs, Charts, Certificates… AHHHHH! All this and you still can’t decide.

Why? Because when it comes down to it, you’re buying from someone you don’t know. You’re handing a stranger cash and hoping that you get the Diamond they promised.

Safety Checklist

It’s a scary thing, but here’s a quick safety list to check before you make that oh-so-nervous Diamond Purchase online.

1. How long has the business been in business?

If it’s only been around for 6 months, you’re probably going to be very upset at what you get. (If you get anything other than ripped off!)

2. Do they have a real Store?

Can you actually visit the store or is it just a Website Presence? If the company is legit, normally they’ll have a Storefront that you can walk into and view the Diamonds. (Websites like Amazon would be an exception to this rule!) These stores are great because their online website only enhances their market. It opens them up to the whole wide World!

3. Is the Price too good to be true?

Common sense tells us that if the Diamond you’re looking at is Thousands less than everyone else’s price, then there’s something seriously wrong with this picture. Ask yourself “Why would this Jeweler be trying to dump this Diamond?” If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!

4. Is there a Certificate?

Does the loose Diamond come with a Diamond Certificate? And not just any Certificate, but one that comes from GIA? If you really want the best guarantee of quality in the business, then only count on GIA to Certify your Diamond!

5. Is there a Viewing Policy?

Can you actually see the Diamond before purchasing? (especially at 10x Magnification) Good online Diamond Retailers will give you a chance to see the Diamond before Buying. You can check them out, look at the Certificates, see them Closeup, and make a better buying Decision.

6. Is there a return policy?

Is there a Money Back Guarantee? Make sure you read all the Fine Print. Check out their policies and make sure that any Diamond you Buy from them is returnable for at least a couple of weeks to a month. A week is long enough for you to take that loose stone to a local Jeweler and scope it. Compare two similar Diamonds side by side. See if it’s better or worse, and see how the deal stacks up.


Check the company out with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Do a search for the Jewelry Store online and see what people are saying about this Jeweler. People that have been Ripped off by Unscrupulous Jewelers will often complain about it Online! Especially now-a-days. There will be Plenty of Feedback and Comments. People will set up entire Blogs and Rant about so-called-Jeweler, they’ll take it to Twitter and Facebook about how they lost all their money. Believe me, if there’s dirt to be found, you’ll find it!

And if you do buy online, make sure there are No Hidden Charges, Handling Fees, Taxes (unless it’s in your State), Guarantee Charges. Also make sure there is no Diamond Switching going on. Jewelers have this nasty habit of posting a Diamond’s Specs online and switching it with another Diamond of Similar Quality.

Beware of this!


That’s why I will advise to buy a Laser Inscribed GIA Certified Diamond. With GIA, you’re Guaranteed to get the Diamond you’re Viewing Online.

How do you know this?

The Inscription!

Those markings don’t lie. When you view the Diamond online, write down it’s Certificate number or print out the page. That number will be inscribed on to the side of the Diamond’s Girdle and also on the Certificate Report you get with it. That number can’t be Altered or Changed. I’ts Permanently Etched in Stone FOREVER!

Look for it with a 10x Jewelers Loupe or Microscope. Scope it, Compare the Numbers.

It’s the BEST Guarantee in the World!

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