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Is Your Diamond Clean?


You’re Not Doing yourself any Justice!

Chances are, you’re Walking around with Dirty Diamonds in your Jewelry and Rings and you Don’t even Know it!

It’s True!

Sure you can say you Clean it all the Time

But I’m here to tell you, they’re NOT CLEAN ENOUGH!

For if you looked at your Diamonds, really looked at them, you’d see that they don’t Sparkle like they used to.

And that’s a Shame!

Because a Diamond will NEVER Lose it’s Sparkle


(Unless you Actually Hit it Hard Enough to Break it)

Diamonds are FOREVER, and will look Brand New Forever

So if it’s looking Dull, you only have yourself to Blame.

So How Can you Tell if your Diamond is Really Clean?


You have to Loupe the Stone (Using a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe), or Pop it under a Microscope to see all the Diamond Dirt, Crud, Debris and Fogginess.

And the BEST Way to do this…

Turn it on it’s Side!

Is Your Diamond Ring Perfectly Clean?

Look at the Pavilion of the Diamond (The Base that Comes to a Point), that’s where Dirt Collects the most. It Builds up and Hardens, Layer upon Layer, due to Hand Lotions, Soaps, Hair Sprays, Perfumes, Cake Batter, and who knows what else

It Compacts, Dries, and Keeps Light from Entering and Brightening up the Stone.

It Makes it look Dark, Dull, and Lifeless!

You MUST Clean the Bottom of the Diamond!

(Which is Something you wouldn’t bother with until you saw how bad it really was)

Let it Soak in an Jewelry Cleaners for Half an Hour (Make sure you Use Hot-Hot Water, but NOT Boiling!) Let it Soak, and then Dab at the Underside (in between the Prongs) with a Soft Toothbrush until the Pavilion is Perfectly Clean.

Trust me…

You’ll Notice a 100% Improvement in Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire.

You can also use a Jewelry Steam Cleaner to Totally Remove the Debris and let your Diamond Shine as much as the Day you Bought it.

And that’s how you Clean a Diamond!

P.S. See my Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Solution HERE!

Cheers! :)

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