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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning Kits

On a quest for clean jewelry?

Well, there’s 2 main things that can really help your jewelry dazzle and dance like the day it was bought

Cleaners and kits!

Both work exceptionally well together, and also make the perfect gifts (especially for all those jewelry lovers).

Jewelry cleaning machines come in 2 main types. The first is ultrasonic cleaners. They clean by transmitting ultrasonic sound waves that break up the dirt particles and debris from around your jewelry, prongs, gemstones, and diamonds. Other cleaners (cheaper, smaller versions) work only by shaking the water or case with the jewelry inside. They don’t work as well, and could actually harm your jewelry or loosen up your stones.

I always recommend real ultrasonic machines, like these cleaners here:

Cleaning kits:

Now you can purchase other cleaning items separately (like polishing cloths, solution, cleaner…), but your best bet is to buy a kit instead. A whole assortment of cleaning supplies that can work hand in hand with your ultrasonic cleaner to clean your jewelry and make them sparkle like crazy.

Some kits carry brushes, trays, hangers, solution and more (for sometimes you need to get into the little tiny crevices and underneath your diamonds to really clean them and make them shine.

Cleaning kits just like these:

So grab a machine, grab a kit, get your jewelry blinging like new. There’s nothing better than diamonds bursting with light and life. That’s why we love them. And that’s how they should always look.

Clean them once a week…

Keep them clean (use hot water – hot-hot like coffee hot, versus cold or lukewarm). Cleaning them not only makes them look wonderful, but it keeps them from tarnishing (lotions, sprays, perfumes, harsh chemicals), and it keeps the metal from wearing down, eroding, and making your prongs weak (bleach is great for that).

Check out all the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners here, or pick yourself up a cleaning kit here.

Your jewelry will love you.

Cheers! :)

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