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Jewelry Crossword Puzzle

Time for some FUN!

If you can call taxing your brain fun. :)

A lot of people love crossword puzzles, including me.

So here you go, a free crossword puzzle that’s jewelry related (what else?)

Below are 24 questions that certainly need answers.

Go through the questions and do your best to connect the words. All of the answers to these questions can be found elsewhere on my website. I just won’t tell you which posts. :)

When you fill in all the words, the puzzle is complete.

So have fun, enjoy the crossword puzzle, print it out if you need to, it may make it easier to work the puzzle. With that… I say:

Let the fun begin:

Jewelry Crossword Puzzle


2 The 4C’s are: Cut, Color, Carat Weight and ?
3 What Month’s Birthstone is Kaleidoscope?
5 The Base of a Diamond is called?
6 The Rarest Fancy Color of Diamond?
9 What Birthstone looks like a Watermelon?
10 What causes Diamond to Glow-in-the-Dark?
11 Cabochon Cut is what?
12 The most popular Cut of Diamond is?
14 The Birthstone for December is?
16 January’s Birthstone?
17 Triangular Patterns found on the Girdle?
19 Who Introduced the World to Tanzanite?
20 What Pearl Color stands for Money?
21 Sapphires cannot be what Color?
22 A Round Diamond’s Table is shaped?
1 The top part of the Diamond is called?
2 The Diamond Crystalline Formation is?
4 What does Adamas mean?
5 Fools Gold is what?
7 Diamonds are mined from what Rock?
8 White Gold is Plated with what?
13 What Gem keeps you from getting drunk?
15 Fire Opal is what Color?
18 Flashes of Color in a Diamond is what?

If you want to print this puzzle, do so here: Free crossword puzzle download (PDF).

Want more?

Get some great puzzle booksfrom Amazon . :)

Or, check out my other exclusive Jewelry Secrets puzzles and games HERE!

They’re FUN! :)

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