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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Fun Jewelry Sudoku Puzzle

Mary Buys an Expensive Diamond from her Trusted and Local Jewelry Store.

She buys a Diamond that is GIA Certified, E Color, VS1 Clarity, with an Excellent Cut, Symmetry, and Polish (and with no Fluorescence).

The problem is, the stone still doesn’t look as White and Bright as her Girlfriends Diamond. She shows her 14k yg ring to the Jeweler who looks everything over.

He smiles and says, “I think I know just what your Problem is. There is one more thing that can affect the Color of the Diamond. And to me, it’s Pretty Obvious. But to you, it may be a little bit more difficult to see how it pans out…”

“Unless you do this Puzzle!”

He hands Mary the Sudoku-like Puzzle below. Instead of the numbers 1-9, like most Sudoku Puzzles, there are these Letters: DEIGHLOTW

Like any Sudoku Puzzle, you have to Place a Letter in each Box below so that Each Row Across, Each Column Down, and Each Small 9 Box Square within the Larger Diagram (there are 9 of these), will contain Every Letter here: DEIGHLOTW.

In other words, no Letter will appear more than once in any Row, Column, or Smaller 9-Box Square.

Work with the Letters already given, the Jeweler tells Mary, and you should be able to Complete the Diagram with the Missing Letters in order to Solve the Solution and Reveal the CLUE that will help Mary see what she needs to get the Ultimate Whiteness from her Diamond Ring.

What shall that Clue be?

Solve the Puzzle and find out… :)

Jewelry Sudoku Puzzle

If you want to Print out this Puzzle and use a Pen or Pencil, do so here: Jewelry Sudoku Puzzle Download! (PDF)

And if you want the SOLUTION and CLUE to this Jewelry Puzzle, get the Answers here (no fair peeking ahead of time): Jewelry Sudoku Puzzle Solution Download! (PDF)

Want MORE Puzzles?

Check out some Great Sudoku Puzzle Books from Amazon here!

And be Sure to Check out the Rest of my Fun Puzzles and Games on Jewelry Secrets!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains (top post 2)

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