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Just About The Most Perfect Diamond Ever IF F Excellent Cut Brilliant

It’s Outstanding!

The quality of this diamond shown, is about as perfect as can be.

So close…

So ideal.

So absolutely incredible to view…

It certainly will make someone very, very happy indeed.

First off, this round brilliant cut diamond is larger than most could ever dream of. It’s 1.27 carats… The “dream diamond” is just 1.00. So it’s large and will look humongous on her finger.

It’s graded (what everyone calls “certified“) by one of the best grading companies in the world: AGS (American Gem Society).

AGS is known for their fabulous “triple zero” grades (the best of the best), and this diamond fits all that and more.

This brilliant diamond has tons of zero’s (again, the highest rating achievable) in almost every grade available (but one).

  • Cut: Ideal 0
  • Light Performance: Ideal 0
  • Polish: Ideal 0
  • Symmetry: Ideal 0
  • Clarity: (IF) 0


Take a peek…

Just About The Most Perfect Diamond Ever IF F True Hearts AGS Triple 0

The Diamond Cut…

The cut of this diamond is “excellent” in every way. A True Hearts diamond (where you see those perfectly cut Hearts and Arrows patterns), with perfect symmetry and perfect polish.

It’s Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous

It will sparkle more than any other diamond you put it against. Seriously! Try it!

The Clarity is Flawless

As an IF (Internally Flawless), this diamond will have ZERO flaws (NONE) inside the stone. Even under intense magnification you’ll find nothing. Ever!

Just crisp, clean, flawless beauty (as well as zero Fluorescence too).

The Color is F

This is the only thing that keeps this diamond from 100% total perfection. Because the highest color grade in the world is D. This is an F (2 grades lower). But D, E, F, are all in the same “color range“: Pure White, the highest range there is. Meaning, these diamonds have no color in them whatsoever. White-white that looks ultra-white, very bright, and will shine like a spotlight is on them. A magnificent color that I would highly recommend.

It’s large, ideal, and blings like crazy.

A diamond fit for a Queen. Or a King!

Check out this diamond masterpiece here at James Allen.

It will sell very fast (diamonds of such high quality always do). Even at a price tag of $15,320, it will fly off the shelves.

It’s big and perfect, and truly a spectacular diamond to own.

See more diamonds that are True Hearts Cut HERE!

Cheers! :)

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Author Richard Scott. Certified Diamontologist\Gemologist. 30 years of experience.

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  1. SOLD! And for MORE than the price you showed – $17,610!!

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