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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Learning About Diamonds Is Expensive

That’s Right!

Learning about Diamonds IS Expensive!

For the More you Learn, the More you’ll Spend! :)

After all, you could just walk into a Jewelry Store, Point to a Diamond Engagement Ring that’s $3,340, Buy it, and Be Happy!

That is, until you Learn about it

For once you Learn that it’s an I1 Clarity Diamond, and that it’s NOT the Best Clarity to Buy, then you may Think Twice!

Once you see those Big Black Spots and Rough Chip on the Side of the Stone will you Begin to Realize, that Maybe you should have Upgraded.

Get yourself a Diamond that’s a Little Bit Nicer, Cleaner, Something Higher up the Clarity Chart

But you know what?

Going from I1 Clarity to SI1 Clarity can Certainly take a Jump in Price.

See the Difference in Diamonds Below with the Exact Same Color, Cut, and Carat Weight…

ROUND, 1.01, I1, G, EXCELLENT $3,340 VIEW
ROUND, 1.01, SI1, G, EXCELLENT $5,530 VIEW

So now your Little Bitty Upgrade just Cost you a Pretty Penny.

So it is True that the More you Learn and Study Diamonds, the More you’ll find yourself Wanting a Nicer Stone.

One without Huge Eye-Sore Flaws… One with Tiny Imperfections only seen under a Microscope… You’ll Crave a Diamond that’s Cut Well and has Triple Excellent Grades

A Diamond that’s GIA Certified, Laser Inscribed, and Exhibits Pure White Color.

It all ADDS up!

So Suddenly, your $3,340 Diamond, now turns into a $5,530 Diamond, ALL because you Learned about them.

Compare I1 Clarity To SI1 Diamond Clarity

So the MORE you LEARN about Quality, the MORE that Diamond will SKY ROCKET!

They can get Really Really Expensive…


They Don’t Need To Be!

For you can actually use “Learning” to your Advantage!

You can still get a Nicer Stone (Kick Ass), and still be able to Save some Dough if you know HOW to Shop, and WHAT to LOOK for!

So Here are some Great Ways to make Learning Easier on your Pocket Book

Light Carat Weights

Buy Light Carat Weights. Those are Carat Weights that are just Shy of the Mark. Instead of Buying a 1.00 Carat Diamond, Buy a 94 Point Diamond. Thinking of Buying a 3/4 Carat Diamond, Buy yourself a .70 Carat Instead. Cut back a Couple of Points and the Diamond gets CHEAPER!

Low Clarities That Face Up Well

If you really Want to Chip away at that Price, look at Lower Clarity Diamonds. Diamonds like SI2 and I1’s. These Diamonds will still have Inclusions (Eye-Visible Ones), but many have White Inclusions, or Flaws that aren’t so Obvious, or Imperfections that Reside Underneath the Crown Facets (Where they Hide Better).

For Example

See the Two Diamonds Below to Understand Exactly what I mean. Both these Diamonds are I1 Clarity, Same Color, Same Cut, Same Carat Weight…

But the Diamond on the Right Faces up so much Better!

See for yourself…

Compare I1 Clarity To I1 Diamond Clarity

It really is a Day and Night Difference! WOW!

Diamond Color

Color isn’t really a Big Issue. Sure Pure White Diamond ROCK, but most people won’t notice the Slight Tinge of Yellow in a Stone. Usually people will Never Notice Color unless Two Diamonds, of Two Different Colors are put Side by Side (and you Point it out to them).

So my Suggestion to Save Money here is, Get yourself a G or H Colored Diamond (or even an I), and the Diamond will still Face Up White, but it won’t Cost you an Arm and a Leg.


Never Skimp on These…

While there are Things you CAN Skimp on to Save Money, there are also things you shouldn’t…

Thinks like…


GIA Certification that is. GIA is the Best in the Industry and I Highly Recommend them (AGS is a Close Second).


I usually Recommend you Buy a Diamond Without Fluorescence. Sure Fluorescence can Make a Diamond Cheaper, but it can also KILL the Beauty, Light, Life, Sparkle and Fire in a Diamond. It can also make it look Foggy, Hazy or Cloudy

So generally I say NO to Fluorescence.

No Diamond Fluorescence


Not all Diamonds with Fluorescence will React this way in Light (Fluorescence also makes them Glow in the Dark under UV Light), it’s a Weird Natural Phenomenon that some Diamonds have and others don’t. To see if a Diamond looks Funny in Natural Light, you’ll just have to see them with your own eyes. No matter what, Scrutinize a Diamond with Fluorescence (as shown on a GIA Diamond Report below) to see if it’s Worth the Savings or Not!


Don’t Skimp on CUT!


You can Skimp on every other Aspect of a Diamond: Carat Weight, Color, Clarity… But NEVER Skimp on Cut.

That’s Because CUT is what makes a Diamond Sparkle!

Stick to a Great Cut, which is a Cut Grade of “Excellent” (Or “Very Good” at the Least), and your Diamond will Look Awesome! It’ll be Shiny, have Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation… and Look like a Million Stars in the Sky.

A Diamond With An Excellent Cut Grade

(As in these Diamonds HERE!)

See, Learning IS Expensive

But you also just Learned how to Keep the Cost Down!

Take a Peek at Some of the Diamonds I Highly Recommend HERE!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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